Baking contest returns to ‘Bikes’ event

Staff Report

POINT PLEASANT — On Saturday, June 9, during the Bikes & BBQ event, the Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club is sponsoring a Baking Contest and Tasting Reception on Fourth Street in Point Pleasant.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to provide money to purchase the flowers the club members plant each year in Point Pleasant.

Area residents are asked to bake their best desserts made from scratch using no box mixes and bring them to the tent on Fourth Street by 9:30 a.m., so judging can start at 10 a.m.

The baked goods will be sold afterward. The public will be able to purchase a plate for five dollars which will be filled with a sampling or pay one dollar for a taste. A prize of $25 will be awarded in the category of cakes and cupcakes, another $25 prize for pies and cobblers, and a final $25 prize will be awarded to the best brownie, cookie, or square. The total monetary amount of prizes being $75.

Anyone interested in baking an item for the contest is asked to contact any of the following members: Molly Park at to receive the entry form by email, or 304-675-5027, Jeanie Brooks at, or 304-675-0300, or Sally Rosenthal, at, or 304-593-4711.

An entry fee of five dollars, if paid by May 30, is requested for each item, so that adequate space can be provided. The registration fee will be raised to seven dollars after that date. Entry forms will also be available from Four Seasons Floral and the Tourism Center in Point Pleasant.

The Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club provides and maintains the flowers and plantings at Gunn Park on Fourth Street, Mason County Library, Sixth Street Memorial to the victims of the Silver Bridge collapse, and Mt. Vernon Avenue mini garden.

Last year’s winners at the event were as follows: Barbara Brumfield, “Coffee Brownies”; Damia Hayman, “Mixed Berry Pie,” and Ashley Kaylor and Natasha Rayburn, “Best Ever Carrot Cupcakes.”

Staff Report