Looking back, ‘moving’ forward

After many years on the corner of Second and Main streets, the Point Pleasant Register will be moving “uptown” on Monday, April 2 to its new location at 510 Main Street, in what many remember as the former Rardins’ Shoe Center. While preparing to move, staff have been going through years of items and file cabinets that run deep, uncovering some rare finds, like this undated photo taken on the ramp to the Silver Bridge. What is now the Mason County Sheriff’s Department is pictured behind the sign welcoming visitors to “Historic Point Pleasant” at Sixth Street. More vintage photos to come this week as the Register prepares for its next chapter.

https://www.mydailyregister.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/24/2018/03/web1_3.28-PPR-Bridge-Pic.jpgFile photo