For the record

Staff Report

Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests made Feb. 17-March 1:

Michael E. Schartiger, 47, Point Pleasant, DUI, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Jacob W. Ford, 21, Point Pleasant, obstructing an officer, arrested by Deputy Cavender. James C. Newton, 42, Hartford, domestic battery, arrested by Capt. Stearns. Jessica J. Rainey, 30, Gallipolis Ferry, DUI, arrested by Cpt. Stearns. Harry L. Sturgeon, 34, Ashton, DUI, arrested by Sgt. Terry. Samantha A. Hester, 27, Huntington, DUI, possession of marijuana, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Logan R. Roberts, 23, Elizabeth, grand larceny, breaking and entering, destruction of property, arrested by Lt. Greene. Cory A. Caldwell, 18, Vinton, Ohio, DUI second offense, driving on revoked, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Tenicha D. Angles, 32, Apple Grove, capias, arrested by Cpl. Rhodes. Benjamin C. Hawk, 29, Hartford, DUI, driving while revoked, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Bruce L. Chapman, 37, Point Pleasant, defeating drug and alcohol screening, capias, arrested by Cpl. Rhodes. Terry B. Myers, II, 24, Gallipolis Ferry, shoplifting warrant, arrested by Cpt. B. Peterson. Jeffrey N. Thompson, 47, South Point, Ohio, driving while revoked, arrested by Sgt. Terry. Jesse T. Evert, 23, Point Pleasant, domestic battery, fleeing from police officer on foot, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Robert D. Akers, 23, Point Pleasant, domestic battery, battery on a police officer, Cpt. B. Peterson. Shawn M. Harmon, 30, Leon, DUI with child under 16 in vehicle, possession of controlled substance, driving on suspended, no insurance, arrested by Deputy Waugh.

Staff Report