Benefit for family who suffered house fire

By Erin Perkins -

POINT PLEASANT — The Roosevelt Elementary staff has organized a benefit dinner for a fellow staff member set for this weekend.

The Tucker Family Spaghetti Dinner Benefit will be held on Sunday, Feb. 25 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Jackson Avenue Baptist Church for Kayla and Andrew Tucker who recently suffered a house fire. Each dinner will cost $7 and delivery is optional. Alissa Roush, a teacher at Roosevelt elementary, shared the full dinner will consist of spaghetti, applesauce, bread, and refreshments.

Roush shared she and the fellow staff at Roosevelt have worked with Kayla for the past six years. She added that Susie and Joe Nott offered their church for the Roosevelt staff to use for this event. Also, Roush commented that for the event Tuscany restaurant donated the bread, Rebecca Roll, who is a teacher and classmate of Kayla’s, donated the applesauce, and Gino’s of Point Pleasant donated the spaghetti noodles.

“Kayla and Andrew lost everything in the fire. It was a complete loss for them and they are truly starting from scratch. Their little boy, Colton, lost his belongings as well,” said Roush.

Fellow Roosevelt teacher Heather Sturgeon Thompson added, “They lost everything. What is most upsetting to them to lose is the memories that they have made with their son Colton, first baby books, paintings, pictures, and items belonging to Colton is something that cannot be replaced.”

Roush and Thompson both explained the best donation the community can give at the benefit would be monetary.

“They have had so many people bring toys, clothes, and other items. A GoFundMe account has been started by her sister, Brianna, which is a great, easy way to donate,” said Roush.

Thompson added, “The Tucker family has experienced an outpour of love through the community. Everyone has rallied around them wanting to help them and have given donations as well.”

Roush shared that Kayla is not only her coworker, but her cousin as well.

Roush commented, “I know she is the most deserving of this help because she is always willing to help others. They are so appreciative of everything so far. I can only hope that this dinner allows them to get their life back to as normal as possible.”

Thompson added, “She is like family to all of us at Roosevelt and when something happens to one of us, we are there for each other no matter what.”

By Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.