New Haven residents question construction

Mindy Kearns - For the Register

NEW HAVEN — The construction of a garage in a residential area was a topic of discussion at a recent meeting of the New Haven Town Council.

According to Recorder Roberta Hysell, Michelle Wooten, an attorney with Jackson Kelly, Attorneys at Law, was present to address the council regarding a building permit for a garage at 163 Lynn Drive.

Wooten told council members that adjoining landowners are uncertain of what the construction of a garage will do to their property values. The landowners fear the garage will be allowing a business into a residential area, however the building permit seeker has assured council that he only wants to park a truck and boat in the garage.

The council was urged to follow and abide by the ordinances in place. No decision was made at the meeting.

Resident Ron Zerkle also attended and spoke once again on the upcoming water project.

Zerkle said he wanted townspeople to know that the only item set in stone on the project at this time is the bond ordinance, and that the remainder of the project can be stopped. While Zerkle said he is not necessarily against the project, he would like to know the exact cost and possibly complete it in phases.

Six building permits were issued by the council. They included Michael Goodnite for a building; Josh VanMeter, roof; Jeff Russell, windows and insulation; Matthew Gregg, roof; Leland Bumgarner, addition to carport; and Sheila Roush, carport.

In other action, the council:

Agreed to allow Supervisor John Oldaker to order uniforms for laborers;

Discussed modification of the flood plain ordinance, with the ordinance stating the administrator must be a council member;

Accepted three volunteers for the zoning board, including Elnora Weaver, Mark Clark and Eric Blain;

Announced the new police vehicle is in at Mark Porter Auto and is awaiting final paperwork;

Heard that Workforce West Virginia has approved assistance in sending Devin Walker through the police academy, with Walker signing an agreement with the town;

Received a commitment from the West Virginia Department of Highways that the Haven Heights area will be resurfaced, with no time frame given;

Discussed the possibility of a call-out list for town workers during after hours, in case of leaks or emergencies; and,

Approved minutes, the financial report, and accounts payable.

Attending were Mayor Charles Yonker, Recorder Hysell, and council members Amy Gordon, Jessica Howard, Smitty Jarrell, Jim Elias and Ken Vickers.

Mindy Kearns

For the Register

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing who lives in Mason County.

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing who lives in Mason County.