Point moving forward with spray park

City seeking bids

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POINT PLEASANT — Point Pleasant City Council is moving forward with seeking bids for a spray park at Harmon Park Pool facility.

This week at its regular meeting, council reviewed a proposal for a park from Emerald FX, the same company that designed and installed the spray park in Hurricane. That proposal was for more than $300,000, a figure many council members felt was too high and there were questions as to whether or not the proposal was all inclusive — meaning, did it include “in house” work the city could possibly perform itself, such as taking out old equipment, etc.?

Councilman Bob Rulen asked Mayor Brian Billings to contact Emerald FX for a breakdown of the bid in terms of whether or not it included demolition, installation, the use of existing equipment and facilities, etc. This could affect the price in terms of lowering it and Billings had said he felt there was a good deal of work the city could do on the project, saving costs.

As previously reported, Billings said according to Emerald FX, the city is “ahead of the game” in terms of already having a fenced-in area around the pool as well as existing restroom facilities, an office and concession stand.

The deep and shallow ends of the existing pool would be completely filled in, with the center filled to some extent and the spray park built upon this area. There would only be one water line going from the pump house into the park as opposed to the multiple lines under the existing pool which makes finding a leak difficult to say the least. The old pumps would be taken out and replaced with new pumps and tanks.

There would be no lifeguards required to be on duty and the water would operate with motion senors so if no one is at the park, the water and spray park stations would not be running. Of course, the water, when it does run, just continually circulates through the stations which council hopes will have a river theme.

Council also asked Billings to pursue grant programs in place for these types of facilities that other communities have taken advantage of when installing these parks. Council then unanimously voted to explore seeking bids for the project.

Also discussed was the future possibility of placing a small, public swimming pool at Krodel Park, possibly behind the playground. This would be three to five years in the future and smaller than the current Harmon Park Pool at possibly 30 feet by 50 feet, with no diving boards or special equipment — diving boards increase operating costs via higher insurance liability costs.

Billings has said he’d like to see the city offer some type of swimming pool facility to residents if possible, however, the pool at Harmon Park has become increasingly more expensive to operate and repair. A scaled-down pool may be a more viable option with a spray park hopefully in place in the meantime to provide some sort of new recreational opportunity for residents in the summer months.

City seeking bids

Beth Sergent


Reach Beth Sergent at bsergent@civitasmedia.com or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.

Reach Beth Sergent at bsergent@civitasmedia.com or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.