For the record


The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests: Jeffrey W. Henry, 51, Gallipolis Ferry, alleged fleeing from officer while DUI, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Steven J. Taylor, 35, Point Pleasant, alleged domestic battery, battery on law enforcement officer times four, obstructing times three, arrested by Cpt. Stearns. George O. Turner, 41, West Columbia, alleged driving on revoked for DUI, arrested by Sgt. Powell. Karie L. Morrison, 33, Gallipolis Ferry, two counts alleged forgery, two counts uttering, arrested by Cpt. Peterson. Jeffrey D. Bush, 51, Henderson, alleged DUI, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Craige M. Finley, 46, Point Pleasant, alleged domestic battery, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Charles F. Donohue, 35, Point Pleasant, alleged possession of marijuana, arrested by Deputy Johnson. Shawn A. Barker, 26, Glenwood, alleged wanton endangerment, burglary, grand larceny, arrested by Lt. Greene.

Wendell J. Kelsey, 42, Southside, alleged DUI first offense, arrested by Lt. Greene. Charles B. Hill, 39, Point Pleasant, alleged possession with intent to deliver, arrested by Lt. Greene. William D. Whalen, 40, Point Pleasant, alleged capias, arrested by Deputy Lee. Daryl J. Richardson, 36, Point Pleasant, alleged destruction of property, arrested by Cpl. Rhodes. William N. Hodges, 34, Dayton, Ohio, alleged transferring and receiving stolen goods, arrested by Sgt. Powell. William R. McDaniel, 54, Ashton,alleged assault, brandishing, destruction of property, arrested by Cpt. Peterson. Tyler D. Wamsley, 21, Gallipolis, Ohio, alleged capias, armed robbery, arrested by Sgt. Powell. Aaron D. Dewitt, 19, Gallipolis Ferry, alleged fugitive from justice, arrested by Deputy Johnson. Dawn M. Dempsey, 49,alleged truancy, arrested by Sgt. Powell. Benjamin Somerville, 31, Point Pleasant, alleged domestic battery, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Paul W. Sturgeon, 55, Gallipolis Ferry, alleged aggravated DUI, arrested by Deputy Lee. Johnnie R. Withrow, 45, Point Pleasant, alleged aggravated DUI, driving on revoked DUI, arrested by Deputy Cavender.

Sobriety checkpoint

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department, with support of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, will conduct a sobriety checkpoint on Friday, June 19. The checkpoint will be operational between the hours of 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. in the 400 block of Viand Street in Point Pleasant. Officers will briefly stop all traffic at the checkpoint and distribute informational brochures as well as check drivers for signs of intoxication. All efforts will be made to ensure the flow of traffic remains constant and the inconvenience to motorists is minimized.

For additional information contact checkpoint coordinators Sheriff Greg Powers and Cpl. J.R. Gilley at the Mason Count Sheriff’s Department.