Dems plan ‘ Thanks-Veterans-Giving Dinner’

POINT PLEASANT — The meeting of the Democratic Women’s Association recently met in the meeting room of the Mason County Library, Point Pleasant, with the President Agnes Roush presiding.

Doma Hern led the group in the Lord’s Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Acting Secretary Molly Park, they were approved as corrected. The president brought up the subject of a place in which to hold future events. Marty Reed said that they were unable to contact the necessary people for previously discussed sites.

Upon discussion the Carpenter’s Union Hall was selected for the Christmas Party to be held on Thursday, Dec. 7, starting at 6 p.m. This is contingent upon the hall still being owned by the Carpenter’s Union, since it is for sale.

On the matter of officers for the coming year, nominations from the floor where as follows: Vice President Mercedes Sayre, Secretary Molly Park, President Jerrie Howard, Parliamentarian Doma Hern, and Treasurer Marty Reed. The voting will take place at the November meeting.

Linda Monks was introduced to the group as the Jackson County Democrat of the Year. On Sunday, Nov. 5 between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. a combined Thanks-Veterans-Giving-Dinner will be conducted by our organization at the Carpenter’s Hall in Point Pleasant. Admission charge will be $5, children 12 and under, and veterans are free.

Mary Ann Claytor accepted the organization’s invitation to speak at this event. Covered dishes will be requested from members and guests. The roast turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, plates, napkins, utensils will be furnished by our organization. Children are welcome. Marty Reed will head up the arrangements.

A prize drawing will be conducted for a Heavenly Ham. The group will sell tickets starting Nov. 5 and ending Dec. 7. Marty Reed suggested that the group sell chances for four season tickets to the Mason County Fair all year long and award them in July.

Shirley Livingston announced that a self defense class sponsored by the Junior Women’s Club will take place on Oct. 23. A bingo game in support of the spay and neuter program in Jackson County will be held at the First Methodist Church in Ravenswood. The cash drawing was won by Marty Reed who donated it to the Flower Fund. Shirley Livingston moved to adjourn the meeting.

Present were: M. Scott Brewer, Shirley Livingston, Linda Brewer, Marty Reed, Agnes Roush, Doma Hern, Molly Park, and guests: Linda Monks, Susan Larson from Jackson County and Willie Livingston.

Submitted by Molly Park.