Early prostate cancer test saves lives

By Lorna Hart - [email protected]

OHIO VALLEY — With Holzer Men’s Health Fair scheduled for October, Terry Lloyd agreed to share his experience with prostate cancer.

While most men may not want talk about a diagnosis of prostate cancer, Lloyd has just the opposite philosophy. He believes that by telling his story, other men will see the benefits of early diagnosis.

Lloyd had been attending the Holzer Men’s Health Fair for several years and had always come away with good test results. Five years ago, he was on vacation and missed the fair, but decided it would be wise to go to his regular doctor.

“And it was a good thing I did,”Lloyd said.

The PSA test showed high levels, and further screening revealed prostate cancer. He recounted being surprised at first and then the realization set in — he had prostate cancer.

He was given lots of information regarding prognosis and treatment options by his doctor before his visit with the surgeon. Reading everything he could about the disease, he was prepared to ask questions when he arrived.

Several treatment options were available to Lloyd, and after discussion with the surgeon, he decided to seek treatment as quickly as possible. On the day of his visit with the surgeon, he was told he would have to wait about six weeks for surgery.

“Or, the nurse said I could have the surgery on Monday,” he said. “This was Thursday and my wife and I looked at each other and told her that we would be there on Monday.”

“I wanted to get it taken care of as soon as I could,” he added. “And that was soon.”

Lloyd said his recovery involved taking it easy and walking as much as possible. He is adamant about following doctor’s orders when it comes to his long-term health.

“I was up and around within two days of the surgery,” he said. “The doctor told me to eat healthy, walk and not to lift anything very heavy for a year. I decided to do everything he said, and five years later, I feel great. I know other guys who have had prostate cancer, and their outcome hasn’t been as positive as mine. One of my friends waited too long to get checked and another didn’t listen to his doctor after surgery, and now he has a hernia. I tell everyone, ‘Get checked and if you need surgery, listen to your doctor.’”

Now 62, Lloyd still gets regular screenings and said he is glad he was diagnosed early.

“I had more options by being diagnosed early. I didn’t have any symptoms, so I wasn’t sick. I feel very fortunate that the cancer hadn’t spread.

“What I want men to understand is that you need to take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to get screened or about what might happen if you test positive. Don’t put it off. Screening could save your life and help avoid other health issues in the future.”

For more information on the Holzer Health Fair on Oct. 17, contact 740-446-5901. To schedule an appointment at the Fair for PSA screenings contact 740-446-5129. You can also visit their web site at www.holzer.org.

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By Lorna Hart

[email protected]