Property damage a topic for New Haven

NEW HAVEN — Property damage on Midway Drive, caused by motorists, was discussed when the New Haven town council held its most recent meeting.

Residents Sandra Grimm and Tatum Roush each spoke of the damage done over the weekend by a motorist who drove through yards, knocked over mailboxes, and broke concrete planters.

It was the second time this summer that a motorist lost control on the street, the first time tearing up yards and striking both a truck and house. Roush said motorists are constantly speeding on the street, while Grimm asked if the town had a police officer on duty on the weekends.

Police Chief Dave Hardwick said the department is down to three officers. Hardwick works full-time, and the other two are part-time, but one is presently at the academy. The chief said both incidents on Midway Drive have been solved. The person doing the most recent damage will be making restitution.

Later in the meeting, the council approved the hiring of two or three additional part-time officers. Chief Hardwick said he would prefer hiring the part-time help rather than a full-time officer to save the town from paying health insurance premiums. He noted the part-time officers could then be offered higher wages.

The members also approved the hiring of a part-time laborer for overflow work created by the water project. It was announced that employees would be placed on a call-out sheet beginning Sept. 8. Any water leaks or problems after hours should be reported by residents to the non-emergency 911 number at 304-675-9911. Dispatchers will have the call-out schedule and will reach the on-duty employee.

Three building permits were issued. They included Ronnie Zerkle for a new building and roof replacement on an existing building; Manning Roe to replace a deck; and Dale Humphreys for a carport.

In other action, the council:

Heard a complaint from Sandra Grimm that her neighbor has not re-homed his farm animals;

Heard a complaint from Dannie Harbour regarding a neighbor with trash in his back yard, and doing business from his home even after being ordered by the court to stop;

Heard from resident Kathy McGuire regarding problems she has had at the community center and swimming pool; and,

Stated volunteers are still needed for the town zoning board.

Attending were Mayor Jerry Spradling, Recorder Roberta Hysell, and council members Jim Elias, George Gibbs, Matt Shell and Matt Gregg.

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By Mindy Kearns

Special to Register

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing, email her at