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By Dean Wright -

Marie Pinschmidt

Marie Pinschmidt

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GALLIPOLIS — A former Gallia County resident, now a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has recently published her fourth book, based partly on her experiences living in small town southeast Ohio.

Pinschmidt graduated from a school in the Bidwell and Porter area in 1946.

Marie Pinschmidt published her novel Decent Deceitlast December. According to Pinschmidt, the book tells the tale of Drake Dawson, a disenchanted teacher, who travels to the small midwestern town of Porterville to face his forgotten past. Along the way, Dawson learns the meaning of forgiveness in a rural setting and befriends a soldier facing the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder after coming back from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I suppose you could say this is one of the more serious stories I’ve written,” said Pinschmidt about the book’s more adult themes. “I’d got my information (about the conflicts) from a woman I’ve been communicating with who lives in Iraq, Baghdad. I’ve been doing this now for about five years and we email each other. She’s told me a lot of what goes on there with ISIS and how people are treated. Her letters were so touching that I wanted to really give an (accurate) account of what goes on over there. I did that through introducing this soldier and he tells stories to Drake and what he went through there.”

Pinschmidt felt the novel was much more “spiritual” than her other stories.

Pinschmidt is the wife of the late Norman Pinschmidt, a former ophthalmologist who passed on in 2000. Pinschmidt decided it was time to focus on living a “full life” because her husband would want her to be happy, so she chose to focus her life’s direction in the pursuit of art and writing. After leaving the Ohio Valley, she and her husband moved to New Orleans in 1964. She previously worked in a clinic in Gallia County. Norman would leave with Marie to pursue a teaching career at Tulane Medical School.

According to her website, “For eleven years, Marie studied and exhibited in New Orleans where she was affiliated with the Lampe Gallery of Fine Arts. She studied extensively under former Cuban artist, Leopoldo Giraudy, Batista’s personal artist prior to the Castro regime, with special emphasis on portrait painting and techniques of the Old Masters. She studied Modern Art Theory at the University of New Orleans, and attended portrait seminars by John Howard Sanden, instructor at The Arts Student’s League in NYC.”

Pinschmidt would publish a memoir titled “Life Interrupted: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient,” about the challenges both she and her husband underwent after he suffered from a life-changing illness as she oversaw his care. Pinschmidt would write four other books inspired by life experiences in New Orleans, small town Ohio and her experiences in the art. In total, she has written “Man on the Balcony,” “Maggie’s Retreat,” “Spanish Moss” and “Decent Deceit.”

For more information, one can visit or search for her works on Amazon or call 561-624-9003.

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Marie Pinschmidt Pinschmidt Courtesy photo

By Dean Wright