For the record

Point Pleasant Police Department

The Point Pleasant Police Department recently released its monthly activity report for December 2016 as follows: 14 citations issued; 10 misdemeanor arrests; seven felony arrests; five accident reports; 34 complaint reports. Arrested by PPPD officers and transported to the Western Regional Jail were: Derek R. Riffle, domestic battery. Austin W. Coughenhour, possession of a controlled substance. Michael J. Watson, obstructing medial personnel, public intoxication, destruction of property, disorderly conduct. Lace D. Gordon, grand larceny. Seth C. Glover, domestic battery. Justin K. Rockey, fraudulent use of access device. Joseph L. Smith, warrant (creating dump), warrant (mandatory disposal), fugitive from justice, grand larceny. Jacob M. Bennett, fraudulent use of access device, aiding and abetting, domestic battery.

Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests Jan. 6-13: Pedro Arellano, 20, West Columbia, capias, warrant – unlawful acts regard to wildlife, required attire for deer hunters, no proof Hunters Education Card, arrested by Lt. Greene. Angela D. Stroud, 34, Point Pleasant, truancy warrant, capias, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Martin R. Woodall, 20, Point Pleasant, violation of DVP warrant, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Matthew S. Cornell, 23, Apple Grove, assault/police officer, battery on a police officer, obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, arrested by Deputy Lee. Gera R. Pumphrey, 32, Point Pleasant, capias, arrested by Deputy Ferrll. Vernon L. Chaffin, II, 29, Columbus, Ohio, DUI, arrested by Deputy J. Peterson. James M. DeWeese, 26, Leon, domestic battery warrant, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Jeffery R. Bobb, 38, West Columbia, obstructing an officer, creating an open dump, arrested by Deputy J. Peterson.

Mason County EMS

Mason County EMS was toned out a total of­­­­ 230 times, between Dec. 26, 2016 and Jan. 9. All three stations were toned out 230 times; Station 100 had 127 calls, Station 200 had 36 calls and Station 500 had 67 this will include all calls, transports, emergencies and all others. There were 103 total calls which broke down into; 31 general medical, 7 abdominal pain, 2 altered mental status, 21 breathing problems, 3 cardiac arrest, 10 chest pains, 2 diabetic emergency, 12 fall, 2 hemorrhage/laceration, 1 hypertension, 1 ingestion/poisoning, 4 overdose, 1 pregnancy and childbirth, 1 respiratory arrest, 3 seizures and 2 stroke/CVA .

There was 47 calls which resulted in not taking a patient anywhere: 5 ALS assists, 16 cancelled enroute, 15 patients refused care, 4 treated then refused, 4 no patient contact, 3 lift assist to another EMS crew. There were 122 patients taken to the area hospitals: 64 to PVH, 20 to HMC-G, 5 to HMC-P, 20 to SMH, 8 to CHH, 3 Jackson General, 1 to Kings Daughters, 1 to Huntington VA, 1 to Riverside Methodist and 1 to CAMC Teays Valley. These include transports as well as Emergencies.

Transport Breakdown is as follows: ALS transports were 12; BLS transports were 75; MVC were 06; PVH transferred 39 patients from their facility.

Report compiled by Karen Jones of Mason County EMS.