For the record

Mason County EMS

Mason County EMS was toned out a total of 230 times between Oct. 15 – 30. Station 100 had 135 calls, Station 200 had 37 calls and Station 500 had 58 these include all calls, transports as well as emergencies and others. There were 130 patients taken to the area hospitals: 79 to PVH, 11 to HMC-G, 4 to HMC-P, 15 to SMH, 10 to CHH, 4 to OSU, 2 to CAMC Memorial, 2 Highland Hospital, 1 to Children’s in Columbus and 1 to Marietta Memorial Hospital; these include transports as well as emergencies. All three stations were toned out 230 times; there was 52 calls which resulted in not taking a patient anywhere: 11 ALS assists, 13 cancelled enroute, 10 patients refused care, 8 Treated then refused, 1 dead on scene, 2 no patient contact, 2 standby for fire department, 2 lift assist with another EMS crew, 2 BLS treatment but transported by ALS and 1 treated and then transferred to air medical. Out of the 118 emergencies that were toned and treated, but not necessarily transported: 35 general medical, 8 abdominal pain, 6 altered mental status, 1 allergic reaction, 12 breathing problems, 1 burn, 2 cardiac arrest, 13 chest pains, 4 diabetic emergency, 1 gunshot wound, 16 fall victim, 1 fractured body part, 2 head injury, 2 hemorrhage/laceration, 2 hypotension, 5 overdose, 2 psychiatric problems, 1 stroke/CVA, 2 seizures, 1 tachycardia, 1 toe/foot injury. ALS transports 14 BLS transports 66, PVH transferred 42 patients; Mason County EMS responded with lights and siren 152 times.

Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests from Oct. 28-Nov. 6: Charles G. Rusk, 35, Mason, possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver times two, arrested by Deputy Veith. Corrina C. Bryant, 28, Point Pleasant, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Wilkie E. Dial, II, 21, Salt Rock, daytime burglary, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Timothy S. Staats, 32, Hartford, aggravated DUI first offense, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Ada R. Isbell, 35, Henderson, domestic battery, destruction of property, arrested by Cpt. Peterson. Michael D. Griffith, 24, Letart, shoplifting warrant, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Roger C. Hughes, Jr., 27, Gallipolis Ferry, animal cruelty, discharge firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Terry L. Powell, Jr. 40, Apple Grove, capias warrant, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Brent Layne, 20, Apple Grove, domestic battery, arrested by Sgt. Varian. Trenton C. Tucker, 18, Point Pleasant, DUI with child under 16 in vehicle, arrested by Deputy Veith. Chanse B. Baird, 18, Henderson, domestic battery warrant, arrested by Deputy J. Peterson. Jessica L. Morrison, 36, Point Pleasant, trespassing warrant, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Gera R. Pumphrey, 32, Point Pleasant, truancy warrant, arrested by Deputy Ferrell.