Quilts ‘N Things news

Quilts ‘N Things recently met at the court house annex with the meeting called to order by President Mercedes Sayre.

Mercedes told the members a story about “The Earthquake which happen in Italy.” Members hear about these tragedies in far away places, not realizing that they may know people who lost family members to horrible events. This happened to Mercedes son-in-law.

September birthdays are Betty Rickard and Connie Huston.

Members present were Irene Goff, Betty Rickard, Connie Curnutt, Mercedes Sayre, Agnes Faber, Mollie Yauger, Daleanna Langford, Carolyn Litchfield, Garnet Schwartz, Kay Rutherford, Rhonda Mullins, Marie Dulaney, Lucy Cullen and Frankie Bumgarner.

Secretary Report: The minutes from the August meeting were given and approved as read by Connnie Curnutt.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report for August was given and approved as read by Agnes Faber

Announcements: CEOS Quilt Show Oct. 1-2, West Virginia State Farm Museum. Cedar Lake Fall Festival Sept. 16-18, Ripley. Ohio Mystery Shop Hop Sept. 28-Oct. 1.

A motion was made by Rhonda and seconded by Daleanna to reimburse Catherine Yauger for the donation quilt labels Catherine made. A motion was made by Kay and seconded by Garnet to reimburse Carolyn Litchfield for all the time and effort she put into the making of our Quilts ‘N Things Books for the year.

Members stated as of Sept. 6, the ladies of the guild have made 13 Quilts of Valor to be given out to local veterans. Mercedes volunteered to make the labels for the QOV. The time and date of the event will be announced at a later date.

Committee Reports:

Hospitality Committee along with volunteers will be serving covered dishes of their choice, at the October meeting. Telephone/Welfare Committee: Will be sending out needed cards and making any needed phone calls. Scrapbook: The Scrapbook is up to date with Catherine doing September and Irene doing October. Website: The website is kept up to date by Frankie. Program Committee: Agnes Faber gave an informative program on “Labeling your Quilts.” Agnes gave each member a label along with a paper of instructions on making your own labels. Irene Goff printed copies of the pattern for the “Log Cabin Carpenter Star Quilt.” Patterns were given out and there were enough that some were placed in the Guild Library.

The program for October will be given by Daleanna Langford and Jane Coles on “Working with Wool.” A sheet was sent around to be signed for all who are interested in learning this as it may take more than once to finish the project. Members were told to bring embroidery needles and straight pins.

Old Business: Mercedes reminded members to bring their donation quilts for the Ronald McDonald House to the meetings in October, November and December. Mercedes also reminded members that their dues are due at the November meeting.

New Business: Carolyn announced that anyone wanting to show their quilts at the farm museum will need to bring them to the on Sept. 30 from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. The West Virginia History Blocks made by the guild will be on display at the CEOS Quilt Show. Just a reminder, the ladies of the guild made the history book blocks to give to the 4-H club for a quilt to be made by the guild members. At a later date the quilt will be giving away in a drawing in order to raise money for the 4-H, to aid in the building of a new 4-H dinning hall. Many members will also be showing their Challenge Quilts for 2016. Carolyn also mentioned quilts may be picked up on Sunday after 4 p,m.

Agnes Faber delivered a message from Jane Coles that the Christmas dinner outing has been planned. On Dec. 6, Quilts ‘N Things will be going to Charleston to tour the New Ronald McDonald House and deliver the club’s many donation quilts. Afterwards the members plan to visit Quilts by Phyllis and after doing a little shopping will be having the annual Christmas Dinner at the Fireside Inn. Mercedes ask that members think of the many different ideas they would like learn to make or things they may want to share at the meetings in 2017.

Show and Tell: Irene Goff, Challenge Quilt “House around Corner” and West Virginia History Block “Singer Sewing Machine.” Betty Rickard, Challenge Quilt “Sunrise Star” and West Virginia History Block “Maple Leaf.” Connie Curnutt, Challenge Quilt “Kissing Nine Patch” and West Virginia History Block “State Flower and Bird.” Mercedes Sayre, Challenge Quilt “Trip Around The World” and West Virginia History Block “Black Bear.” Connie Huston, West Virginia History Block “ Chief Cornstock.” Agnes Faber, Challenge Quilt “Stack N Weave” and West Virginia History Block “Coal Miner” Contribution Quilt and Pumpkin Quilt. Mollie Yauger, West Virginia History Block “Country Road” Challenge Quilt. Daleanna Langford, West Virginia History Block “4 Maple leafs” and Challenge Quilt. Carolyn Litchfield, Unfinished wall hanging. Garnet Schwartz,Challenge Quilt and West Virginia History Block. Kay Rutherford, Challenge Quilt “ Rag Quilt” and West Virginia History Block “ Tu-Endie-Wei.” Rhonda Mullins,West Virginia History Block “Chief Cornstalks Monument” and Challenge Quilt Block. Marie Dulaney, West Virginia History Block and Challenge Quilt Block “Message in the Needlework.” Lucy Cullen, West Virginia History Block and “State Flower, Bird and Maple Leaf.” Frankie Bumgarner, West Virginia History Two Blocks. Edda Fields, Challenge Quilt “Ginger Bread Boy with a Ginger Bread House.”

The meeting was adjourned by President Mercedes Sayre. Grace was given by Agnes Faber and a lunch was enjoyed by all.

Submitted by Club Reporter Connie Curnutt.