Camp Conley CEOS news

The Camp Conley CEOS Club recently met at the Church of God for it monthly meeting.

Isabelle Yoder, hostess, served refreshments to Jane Thompson, Becky Haer, Adalee Lynch, Phyllis Hesson, Darlene Haer, Molly Miller and Mary Artis. During this time Phyllis read “When Grandma Goes to Court.” The business meeting was then called to order by President Becky Haer who led the members in reciting the pledges to the American flag and West Virginia flag. The mediation entitled “His Humorous Ways” from Mysterious Ways put out by Guidepost was presented by Isabelle. Minutes of the May meeting were read by Molly. Darlene gave the treasurer’s report.

Phyllis, reporting for the Family Issues Committee, reminded members to keep track of their volunteer hours, to save their empty prescription bottles and to take progress pictures of their gardens. Also, members are to keep a list of the books they have read this year listing titles and authors. Molly reported that members were to work in the Herb Garden at the West Virginia State Farm Museum on June 28.

Unfinished business: Members, Phyllis, Jane, Jeanette, Adalee, Molly and Becky worked selling tickets at the Siege of Fort Randolph. The club provided two crafts (colored chalk pictures and coolie hats) for Camp Sunshine held at the Mason County Fairgrounds on June 18. Working were, Darlene, Isabelle, Phyllis, Molly, Mary and Jane. The crafts were a great success, according to members.

Camp Conley was to be in charge of the July 12 County Council meeting held at the Extension Office Annex. The final plans were made including decorations, favors, devotions and menu. Members chose what foods they brought for the lunch. Members were to decorate on July 11. Phyllis and Darlene were to shop for the paper products and other items needed. Final plans were also made for the club’s trip to be held on July 19 as their July meeting. Members will meet at Darlene and Becky’s to leave at 8:30 a.m.

New Business: Darlene showed several cookbooks published by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture she acquired during a recent trip. She also passed out some of the books “Herbs a Culinary Guide.”

Jane, our club Health Motivator, passed out a leaflet showing the difference between heat exhaustion and heat strokes. Due to the recent happenings in the news, she passed out another leaflet entitled “How to Protect Your Children in an Active Shooter Situation.” She stated that if you are in such a situation to do something, try to get out, do not stay or hide, always check out exit signs when entering an unfamiliar building and have a code word worked out with your children and what to do when it is used.

Phyllis Hesson presented the lesson “Staycationing in West Virginia.” Staycations are typically defined as a time when individuals or families stay home and participate in leisure or vacation activities within driving distance, but often sleep in their own beds at night. These Staycations save money, are less stressful, provides an opportunity to enjoy your surroundings, discovers new places in your area, supports local economies and there’s less worry about getting everyone packed and ready to go.

“West Virginia is beautiful, but because we live here, we often miss out on some of the great opportunities around us,” Darlene said.

Phyllis listed several fairs and festivals, historical and educational sites, national parks and forests, outdoor adventure activities, oddities located only in West Virginia, as well as relaxing retreats, sports and amusement parks and many state parks. It was noted that the annual club outings have been a Staycation in the tri-state area. She also read several household uses for the lemon before the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Club Treasurer and Reporter Darlene Haer.