Writers Guild hold June meetings

POINT PLEASANT — Each first and third Wednesday of the month finds members of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild meeting at the Mason County Library on Viand Street to share their short stories, excerpts from their latest books, poems, and, yes, even sonnets.

The last mentioned began actually as William Shakespeare’s 110th Sonnet, but Woody Moore changed it just a bit and made it his own. In fact, just to pass the time one day, he prepared all of The Bard’s sonnets as parodies. The definition of “parody” as a noun is a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect. Woody entitled his version of the 110th Sonnet, “Vo-Mad-ulary?” In short: “If life is to be lived, without the ‘v,’ Then, yes, I have lived and lied and lied more…So, keep in the ‘v,’ live life so thrilled, By playing with your vocabulary — Leaving words to be less blab-ulary!”

Raine Fielder, proving that stories can be taken from real life, took an account from “True Crime” and wrote about five murders that took place in 1946 Texarkana, Texas, “The town that dreaded sundown.”

Will Jeffers shared his narrative, “Counting Obvious Blessings,” in which he pays honor and tribute to his son, Sam, who recently celebrated both his 18th birthday and high school graduation, two very important milestones for a young man and his family.

Marilyn Clarke departed from her usual genre, romance novels, and read an excerpt from her newest venture: Dystopian Fiction, describing how a new civilization emerges after an apocalyptic event. In Marilyn’s imagination, energy and food are in short supply, and every night people die from exposure to a fatal fog that threatens the survival of the human race.

April Pyles read her poem entitled “A Summer Memory,” written in memory of her friend, Harriet McGuffin, who introduced her to a day of baling hay on her family’s farm.

Phil Heck read his expose′ on the gradual loss of our liberties thanks to government laws and regulations involving seat belts, TSA inspections, COVID restrictions, etc. He also asked for comments on a particular section of a book he’s writing.

Patrecia Gray shared a portion of her “Father’s Day” radio broadcast in which a father provides protection to his child, much in the way that our Heavenly Father does for us. Gray’s program, “Just Thinking,” can be heard on WEMM Radio-FM, 107.9, Saturdays from 9-9:15 a.m.

Also attending the meeting were Carol Newberry, Sue Underwood, and Paula Gregory.

To contact the Point Pleasant Writers Guild, email [email protected] and visit our blog: ppwritersguild.blogspot.com. All who are interested in writing are welcome to attend our meetings, held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

Submitted by April Pyles.