Wahama Alumni holds 60th banquet

NEW HAVEN — Alumni and guests gathered at the Bend Area Community Building in New Haven on May 28 for the 60th annual alumni banquet. The Classes of 1970-72 were the honored guests celebrating 50 years. Three years were honored due to the cancellation of the banquet during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Corsages and boutonnieres were presented to the graduates from the Classes of 1946-56.

The WHS Scholarship Committee awarded $5,800 in scholarships. The following members of the Class of 2022 were awarded scholarships: $1,000 AFS individual award from a Wahama Alumnus to Allison Tennant of New Haven, daughter of Jennifer Finnicum and Lennie Tennant II. The Alumni Association’s special fund for scholarships enabled the Association to award six $800 scholarships to the following seniors: Abigail Pauley of Mason, daughter of Leslie and James Pauley; Tori Sigman of New Haven, daughter of Steven and Laurel Sigman; Lauren Noble of Letart, daughter of Chris and Michelle Gress; Zachary Fields of New Haven, son of Shari and Jason Fields; Rilee Zerkle of New Haven, daughter of Christopher and Lori Zerkle and Bailee Bumgarner of Letart, daughter of Rodney and Lisa Bumgarner.

A special scholarship was presented by Alan Hart (Class of 1968). This $800 scholarship was in memory of Reggie Hart (Class of 1965) who passed away this past year, and was given by the Hart family to Lauren Noble, daughter of Chris and Michelle Gress.

A short business meeting was conducted and officers were elected for 2022. New officers are: President-Rex Howard; Co-President-Jim Stewart; Vice President-Chloris Machir Gaul; Co-Vice President-Sonya Yonker Roush; Treasurer-Diane Finnicum; Secretary-Beverly Carson Knapp; Historian-Susan Zuspan Winebrenner; and Committee Members-Judy Duncan McWhorter, Mary Foster Hendricks, Judy Finnicum Eblin and Mary Artis.

Chuck Young (Class of 1970) from Brea, California received a gift for traveling the farthest to the banquet. Door prizes were given from the following sponsors: Broken Bread Catering, City National Bank, Crowning Glory, Farmers Bank, HA Café food truck, Hogg & Zuspan, K&L Processing, Mountaineer Financial Service, Ohio Valley Bank, Oopsa Daisy, Michelle Mercer Snacks and Canvas, Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant, Thompson’s Hardware and Walmart.

Attending alumni were: Class of 1946 – Orpha Weaver (Virginia Weaver) Fields; Class of 1948 – Kathleen Grinstead Roush; Class of 1953 – Wilford Scarberry; Class of 1954 – John Pete Roush, James Stewart, Mary Stewart Fowler, Phyllis Williams Gilkey; Class of 1956 – Pat Bennett Allensworth, James (Roberta) Roush; Class of 1957 – Betty Capehart Moore; Class of 1958 – Linda Brinker Meadows, Edna Crump Scarberry, Agnes Young Roush; Class of 1959 – James Fry, Larry (Margaret) Edwards; Class of 1960 – Nathan Roush;

Class of 1961 – Susan Zuspan (Gordon) Winebrenner, Jackie Capehart Sisson; Class of 1962 – Okey (Linda) Capehart, Sharon Parsons Fox, Alice Snyder (John) Hunter, Hazel Brooks Smith, Jim Bennett, Phil (Ann) Hoffman, Kenneth Vickers, Velma Anderson Siders; Class of 1963 – Chloris Machir Gaul, Dewey (Nicolyn) Smith, Charles Yonker, Claudia Zerkle Thomas; Class of 1964 – Barbara Sherry (Donnie Warth) Zuspan; Class of 1965 – Judy Duncan McWhorter, Judy Finnicum Eblin, Mary Foster Hendricks, Roy Dale Grimm; Class of 1966 – Bonnie Blake (Gary) Crabtree, Nancy Proffitt;

Class of 1967 – Jennifer Zerkle (Allison Curtioff) Hart; Class of 1968 – Gary (Penny) Green, Sandra Greer (James) Shell, Sonya Yonker Roush, Philip (Joyce Ann) Burgess, Karen Staats Hindel, Jeanne Morgan, Jerry Morgan, Sandra Gibbs (Archie) Morris, Kathy Roush Rickard, Danny (Jane) Mitchell, James Alan (Millie) Hart; Class of 1969 – Bill Hussell;

Class of 1970 – Beverly Carson Knapp, Terry (Elizabeth Jane) Foreman, Donna Winebrener (Thomas) Knapp, Gloria Young Whitlatch, Charles Young, Kathy Fields (David) Sigman; Class of 1971 – Sue McDaniel Hussell, Cozy Cooke Bradfield, Libby Brown Dudding, Cathy Weaver Flowers, Randy Roush, Sherry Sole Russell, Angela Sayre, Keith Sayre; Class of 1972 – Linda Roush Fields, Marie Lambert Hatfield, Jerry (Debbie) Lewis, Danny (Darlene) Marr, John David and Maria Mitchell Morgan, Bruce (Margorie) Adams; Class of 1973 – Pam Weaver Elias; Class of 1975 – Diane Finnicum, Rex Howard; Class of 1976 – Brian Russell, Class of 1977 – Karen Sayre; Class of 1994 – Heather E. Roush; Class of 1998 – Jason Fields; Class of 2000 – Shari Vickers Fields; Class of 2001 – Jennifer Finnicum; Class of 2021 – Isaac Roush.

Class of 2022 – Allison Tennant, Tori (Laurel) Sigman, Zachary (Griffin) Fields, Rilee Zerkle, Lauren Noble, and Bailee Bumgarner.