Camp Conley CEOS news

The Camp Conley CEOS Club met at the Church of God for its May meeting.

Becky Haer was the hostess and served refreshments to Molly Miller, Darlene Haer, Jane Thompson, Mary Artis, Jeanette McDaniel, Adalee Lynch, and Phyllis Hesson prior to the business meeting.

The business meeting was called to order by President Becky Haer and led the group in the pledges. Phyllis presented the meditations by telling a true story by Norman Vincent Peale about miracles and the mercy of God. She also read a story “On the Right Road.” Molly gave the secretary’s report and Darlene presented the treasurer’s report.

During committee reports, Phyllis reported under Family Issues that she attended the May county visit at the Pleasant Valley Nursing Home where she led the participants in several songs and some light exercise. The club was represented at the county Marketing and Membership Committee Plant Exchange and Taste of CEOS by Phyllis Hesson, Molly Miller, Jane Thompson, Mary Artis, Darlene Haer and Molly’s sister-in-law Mary. Members provided the breads for the meal. Also, members will plant herbs and work at the Herb Garden at the West Virginia State Farm Museum when weather permits.

Phyllis gave the County Council report. The County needs to do some fundraising to continue their various projects. Members are to bring ideas to the county council July meeting. Rules for newspaper, magazines and the Bible reading were clarified for credit by the Purposeful Reading Committee. Unused lesson leaflet will be passed out at the fair. Mason County CEOS will be in charge of the arts department at the Mason County Fair. Also, a float is planned by the county for the annual fair parade.

Under Old Business, Jane showed the club craft for Camp Sunshine. Members all followed her instructions and made the item. Phyllis will contact members to set up times to work after she gets the final schedule. Plans were made to go to Parkersburg and Williamstown for our July monthly meeting. Also plans were discussed for the July County Council meeting. Camp Conley will be the hostess. Jane, Health Motivator, passed out leaflets for Lower Blood Sugar, What’s New in Insulin and the Pacific Northwest rain forest.

Becky gave the lesson “Mother’s Day: A Tradition Rooted in Service.” The first celebration was held May 10, 1908 at Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Becky told about the Woman behind the tradition, Anna Maria Reeves Jarvis. Anna decided to form an organization called Mother’s Day Work Clubs. Their objective was to eliminate the unsanitary conditions that existed in their local small towns including Philippi, Webster, Grafton Junction, Fetterman and Pruntytown. Jarvis believed these conditions were leading to the death of children. Nearly every woman in those communities joined the clubs. Her daughter Anna led a tribute to her mother’s life which later became known as the first Mother’s Day celebration. Afterward, daughter Anna dedicated her life to making Mother’s Day a nationally recognized day of celebration. President Woodrow Wilson signed a Congressional Resolution on May 10, 1914, which made Mother’s Day a nationally-recognized holiday to be held annually on the second Sunday of May. This was a very appropriate lesson for the month of May.

New members are always welcome. If interested, please call 304-675-6002 or 304-675-3173 for more information.

Submitted by Club Secretary Darlene Haer.