Point Pleasant Writers Guild greets the New Year

Members of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild met recently for their first meeting of 2022. Patrecia Gray opened with prayer. William Jeffers shared his New Year’s Resolution by first relating the ills and troubles taking place in the past couple of years during which people have suffered the loss of vital income, loss of hope and loss of loved ones. It seems that everyone has experienced, in one way or another, the grim tidings brought about by the lingering Pandemic. On a more positive note, he has had hopeful opportunities come his way for his family’s future and a return to his writing. He shared with the Guild his Resolution and prays for the patience and strength to carry it out. Will has 32 books published so far; he also has one that is being edited and another one currently being written.

Other members commented that they had made a resolution not to write a Resolution. A round table discussion followed regarding how they had spent the Christmas holidays. A few had opted to celebrate Christmas with pizza instead of the traditional ham or turkey. One member had found that an interesting way to do this was to make six or seven crusts and let the kids put on the toppings.

Gray discussed opportunities to market stories, etc. by sending them to newspapers, “Chicken Soup,” and “Reader’s Digest.” She shared the following writing tips: (1) Write according to your passion, not just what is popular; (2) Create answers to basic problems experienced by many people; (3) Anything and everything has a story; and (4) Write no matter what your circumstances are…don’t wait for “the right or perfect moment.”

The Writing Assignment for the next meeting is “When you felt the proudest of your accomplishments.”

In addition to Gray and Jeffers, the meeting was attended by Carol Newberry, Phil Heck, April Pyles, and guest, Thomas Dunn.

The Point Pleasant Writers Guild meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the Mason County Library on Viand Street, from noon until 2 p.m. All writers, and people interested in becoming writers, are welcome. Contact information includes: [email protected] and ppwritersguild.blogspot.com.

Submitted by April Pyles.