Mason County CEOS members gather

GALLIPOLIS FERRY — The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the Faith Gospel Church in Gallipolis Ferry on Jan. 11.

The WoHeLo Club hosted the meeting and served a soup and sandwich luncheon pandemic style.

Since it has been almost two years since the organization could participate in many of their activities, even monthly meetings, there were many things to take care of. Lorrie Wright, Mason County Extension Agent and Clinedda Austin, past president and vice president of WVCEOS both had many announcements.

Janelle Ervin, who represented Mason County as belle at the 2021 Folk Festival was honored with a reception by the club. Janette dressed in old fashion style gave a report of her experiences at the festival and other members who had been a Mason County belle added to the presentation.

Letha Rice of the WoHeLo Club presented the meditations, entitled “Take Time for Beauty.” Beauty fills our souls like food feeds our bodies.

The usual business meeting was held with secretary, treasurer reports, etc.

Helen Lyons and Eleanor Hoffman were congratulated on becoming 50 year members.

Reports were given by the Four Educational Committees.

Activities under Family were: Avalanche Club made 14 quilts for the Veteran’s Hospital. These quilts were valued at $35 each. The Leon Club provided fried chicken to the American Legion for their Veteran’s Day Dinner. The Mason County CEOS raised $925 for the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. The Avalanche Club passed out craft packets at the Family Resource Network Family Christmas.

Clinedda Austin reported in 2021, 22 counties in West Virginia reported 255,500 volunteer hours which were valued at $28.54 (national rate) per hour making total monetary value to the state of $7,291,970 from CEOS members.

Patty Johnson, chair of the Purposeful Reading Committee had the new list for 2022 of purposeful reading books.

Janelle Ervin, chair of the Continuing Education Committee, asked members to save pop-can tabs and ink cartridges for the Ronald McDonald House.

Marketing and membership will be planning the annual Plant Exchange and if the Health Department allows, the Taste of CEOS for spring.

The Pleasant Club will be planning the Spring Luncheon. All these activities are subject to change depending on COVID-19.

Clineda Austin was elected to represent Mason County at the Folk Festival in 2022 as a belle.

Alice Click, president of Mason County CEOS, has been appointed to the WVCEOS board.

Attending the meeting: Eleanor Hoffman, Patty Johnson, Susan Paulson, Virginia Taylor, Phyllis Hesson, Mary Artis, Alice Click, Helen Lyons, Catherine Yauger, Carolyn Litchfield, Clinedda Austin, Lorrie Wright, Extension Agent, Sharon Nibert, Janelle Ervin, Beverly Buckle, Arminta McGraw, Letha Rice, Margaret Gibson, Shelia Driskil and Rhonda Vaughn.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.