Quilts ‘N Things news

Quilts ‘N things met this month at the courthouse annex with the meeting called to order by President Mercedes Sayre.

Members present were: Mercedes Sayre, Connie Curnutt, Daleanna Langford, Mollie Yauger, Rhonda Mullins, Marie Dulaney, Agnes Faber, Kay Rutherford, Karen Thomas, Garnet Swartz, Irene Goff, Betty Rickard, Liz Rickard, Catherine Yauger, Jane Coles, Lucy Cullen, and Sakina Doctor. Sakina brought a guest Khadija Shamsher from Texas.

Reports given were:

Secretary Report: The minutes were given and approved as read by Connie Curnutt. Treasurer’s Report: the treasurer’s report was given and approved as read by Agnes Faber.

Jane Coles, was in charge of the May Program. She brought all members up to date on the “Quilts of Valor” project. The members are making eight QOV to be given out to veterans. Two quilts will be given back to Mary Beth Shreve who gave out two of her quilts, at the Quilts of Valor Ceremony. Kay informed members Mary Beth will be “glad to send certificates” for members to give out at the next QOV Ceremony. A QOV workshop was held on May 18.

Announcements: Agnes read a thank you note sent on behalf of Betty Farmer, from the Cincinnati Bible College. Members announced a new member in Liz Rickard. Twenty quilts were taken to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Charleston and Huntington. A motion was made by Kay Rutherford and seconded by Jane Coles that Rhonda Mullins be reimbursed for the QOV supplies.

Upcoming events: Bob Evans Quilt Show, July 1 – 31; WV Shop Hop, July 20-23; Circleville Quilt Show, Aug. 4-6 at the Ohio Christian University, in Circleville.

Committee Reports given:

Program Committee: Connie Huston will be demonstrating how to make an Animal Portrait. Hospitality Committee: First half members A thru G will be bringing covered dishes. Telephone/Welfare Committee: All needed calls and cards will be respectfully handled by the ladies of the committee. Scrapbook: The scrapbook is up to date with Catherine doing April and Irene doing May. This is a big undertaking for which all members are grateful. Website: The website is up to date for which members showed appreciation to Frankie Bumgarner.

Old Business: Mercedes reminded members their 12 ½” blocks are due in September, these blocks are on West Virginia History and will be made into a quilt to be given to the 4-H for a prize drawing for money to build the new dining hall. The blocks will be shown by the CEOS at the farm museum the first weekend in October. Irene gave a report on all the different things that could be made concerning the History of West Virginia with the 12 ½” blocks. Mercedes reminded challenge quilts are also due at the September meeting.

New Business: Peggy Harbrecht donated Quilt books along with other items to the guild. Kay brought an article of ladies making pillows to make Cancer Treatment more tolerable. Mercedes asked for volunteers for the Dec. 6 Christmas Party. Jane Coles volunteered to plan the Christmas Party.

Show and Tell:

Mercedes Sayre, cross stitch quilt, tumbling blocks, two donation quilts. Connie Curnutt, two donation quilts. Mollie Yauger, baby quilt and tablerunner. Kay Rutherford, two donation quilts. Liz Rickard, baby quilt. Jane Cole, tablerunner. Sakina Doctor, quilt and tablerunner.

Mercedes gave a reading “Children in Church.” Birthdays were: Becky Brown and Liz Rickard. Grace was given by Agnes Faber, salads were served.

Submitted by Club Reporter Connie Curnutt.