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Lesson on nature and well being

The Camp Conley Community Education Outreach Service (CEOS) Club met at noon on Oct. 19 for their monthly meeting at Village Pizza.

The meeting was held in one of the dining rooms. After placing our lunch orders, a time of fellowship and visiting was enjoyed. Members joined in the “Grace Song” before our food arrived. President Mary Artis, called the business meeting to order. Darlene Haer presented the devotions reading Motivational Thoughts for Women from “Today” written by Nancy Walker Hale. The minutes of the August meeting were read and approved. No meeting was held in September. The Treasurer’s reports for August and September were also presented to the group.

Phyllis Hesson attended the hanging of the Breast Cancer Wreath held at the Library on Oct. 4. She also participated in the candle lighting ceremony for cancer survivors and victims. The Club reports due to the county committee chairman were discussed. Some have already been submitted and the rest will be done before the due date. With the uncertainty of monthly club meetings, a motion was made, voted on and passed to continue our gifts for Christmas to Lakin State Hospital/Operation Santa Claus and the Homeless Shelter. The October/November Club Connections were passed out by the president.

Mary Artis presented the lesson “The Importance of Nature to Our Health and Well-being” by Kelly Hicks, WVU Extension Agent – Hampshire County. A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson “In the woods, I feel that nothing can befall me which Nature cannot repair” is very true. Spending time in nature allows us to think and see more clearly. While nature’s beauty soothes us, our mind also is relaxed. Exposure to nature affects our physical well-being and helps us cope with the pain and discomforts we may have in our everyday lives. A trip to see the fall leaves, a walk in the woods or park or just sitting on you porch are good outdoor activities.

What we hear, experience, see and smell affect our moods, as well as how our immune, endocrine and nervous systems function. When we find ourselves stressed, we may feel sadness, helplessness or anxiousness which may cause our heart rate to increase, our blood pressure to elevate, our muscle tension to increase and our immune system may become suppressed. A single plant in a room or hospital can impact a person’s stress and anxiety levels. A view of nature while in a hospital room helps patients tolerate pain better. Mary stressed that it is important to recognize the power of nature on our children and grandchildren. With the more structured lives of our children today, they spend less time exploring and playing in natural environments. Now, more than ever, it’s important to encourage kids to be outdoors.

For more information about becoming a member of the Camp Conley CEOS Club, contact 304-675-3173 or 304-675-0888.

Submitted by Darlene Haer.

Lesson on nature and well being