Camp Conley CEOS Club news

POINT PLEASANT — The Camp Conley Community Education Outreach Service (CEOS) Club held its June meeting at the Courthouse Annex with social distancing by the members. No meeting was held by the club in May. Mary Artis, president, called the meeting to order. She also led the pledges to the American and West Virginia flags.

Phyllis Hesson read “Keeping Some Peace During Hurried Times” by Dr. Richard C. Lamb, Parish Associate, First Presbyterian Church, Charleston. In the article, he stated: “Love, kindness and mercy should motivate us, gifts so sorely needed, and, yes, beyond price. We need to be in touch with the marketplace, but also with what comes without money or price.” The article concluded with a prayer of George Washington which was included in his Circular Address to the States on June 8, 1783 and so appropriate for these times. “Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that you will keep the United States in your holy protection, and that you will incline the hearts of the citizens to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another. We pray that you will most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things, we can never hope to be a happy nation.” Amen.

The minutes of the April and May meeting were read by the secretary. There was no treasurer’s report.

Under old business, it was noted that members have until the end of June to leave donations to the VA Hospital at the extension office. Janelle Erwin, Wohelo Club member, will be representing Mason County at the Folk Festival in Glenville on June 18-20. After some discussion, a motion was made and approved to donate our recycled paper and cardboard to the recycling center and newspapers to the dog pound.

New Business: A motion was made and approved to start meeting at 12:30 p.m. beginning with the August meeting. Darlene Haer will be hostess for the July meeting. We will travel to Bob Evans Down on the Farm Restaurant for the meeting and dinner at 5 p.m. County Council meeting will be July 13.

Mary Artis presented the less entitled “Mental Health Issues Facing Today’s Youth.” Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social well-being. How we think, feel and act is directly related to our mental health. Mental health was something that many kept hush-hush, but today we must take care of both our mental and physical health to stay healthy overall. Some common risk factors for mental health issues include physical, emotional and sexual abuse, physical and emotional neglect and household dysfunction such as substance abuse, violence, divorce, mental illness or incarceration of someone in the home. Common mental health disorders include anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and eating disorders. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in adolescents. Having a mental health or substance use disorder is a risk factor for suicide. A variety of treatment is available for mental health issues. The key is to recognize warning signs and seek treatment as soon as possible. One of the protective factors is a good support system. Sometimes, youth don’t have the good support network that they need to thrive. It is important that they know someone cares. This can be done by checking in on them, helping them get the material things they need to be successful and offering good advice for problems that you can help with. Many of our youth depend on others for this help. The lesson was written by Ami Cook, WVU Extension Agent for Braxton and Clay County and Hannah Fincham, WVU Extension Agent for Randolph County.

Submitted by Darlene Haer.