WoHeLo CEOS keeps busy schedule

Nine members and two guests of the WoHeLo CEOS Club held their monthly meeting recently in which plans were made to attend the County Spring Luncheon, the Area Spring Luncheon, and to assist in the upcoming Plant Exchange and Taste of CEOS, to name just three of the many events on the calendar.

Meditations Leader Janelle Erwin, shared a devotion entitled “Keep Hope in Your Heart.” She also read Psalm 143:10 which reminds us that nothing is impossible with the help of our loving Lord.

April Pyles gave the lesson provided by the WVU Extension Office, entitled “How Glass Molded West Virginia.” To go along with the lesson, she brought five colored vases from home to show the group. They had been created at Fenton, Blenko, and Pilgrim Glass, all West Virginia companies. The first glass plant in the future state of West Virginia was formed in Wellsburg in 1813. Isaac Duval and Company produced dinnerware and cut lead crystal, also known as flint glass. The Industrial Revolution and improved methods of transportation to and from the state brought in laborers and sent out goods in trucks, trains, and boats. Added to that, West Virginia was rich with timber and coal needed to stoke the fires that melted silica sand to make glass. Michael Owens, who perfected his mechanical bottle blowing machine in the early 1900s and later established the Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Huntington, was a native of Point Pleasant. Glass making has become a blend of art and industry, such as Blenko’s colorful hand-blown table and stemware. Visitors can tour this factory, which has existed in Milton, West Virginia since 1921, and see a glass craftsman at work.

Temporary Health Motivator Marie Mayes, presented a lesson on the value of walking as a free and easy way to keep in shape. It is recommended that people walk 10,000 steps a day just to maintain their present weight. A person needs to walk two or three times that much in order to lose weight. The point is to walk, walk, walk. As a result, WoHeLo members decided to form a group called “Walking for Our Health” which meets every Thursday at the RC Byrd Locks and Dam located in Apple Grove, beginning at 1 p.m. Anyone who is interested may join this group. Patricia Flora agreed to become the new Health Motivator.

WoHeLo member, Betty Mayes, showed up at the Pleasant Valley Nursing & Rehab Center to sing songs and play bingo with the residents for an hour on April 11. Pyles took in a shift at the Outdoor Youth Expo on April 22. As 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students filed by the various tables, she and other CEOS members invited students to walk an obstacle course or play a game of ball as ways to enjoy fun in their own back yards. Pyles also reads aloud to Mrs. Elam’s Kindergarten Class at Beale School each Thursday.

Another WoHeLo project that is taking place now is making Boo Boo Bears for the health department. These bears will be given to children who are getting their vaccinations.

The CEOS Plant Exchange and Taste of CEOS will be held during CEOS Week on Tuesday, May 17, beginning at 10 a.m. at the First Church of God in Point Pleasant. Members are encouraged to label their plants with the name and care instructions for each one. A special guest will give a presentation at 11 a.m. on “Fairy Gardening.” She is Angela Kargul, lead Gardner of Marshall University’s Sustainability Program. Lunch will be served at noon, featuring homemade appetizers, salads, breads, casseroles, and desserts. Beverages will be provided by the Marketing & Membership Committee. The public is cordially invited.

WoHeLo CEOS will meet next on May 11, 11 a.m., at the K&D Diner in Gallipolis Ferry. The club president is Marie Mayes, vice president is Betty McCoy, secretary and reporter is April Pyles, and treasurer is Janelle Erwin. Others attending the April meeting included members Judy Chapman, Patricia Flora, Linda Holley, Emma Long, Betty Mayes, and guests, Betsy Cicoff and Desire Sparks. Thirty-three books, one of which was from the Purposeful Reading List, had been read by the group since their last meeting.

Submitted by Club Reporter April Pyles.