‘Frontline Warriors’ recognized by CEOS

MASON COUNTY — The Mason County Community Education Outreach Services (CEOS) recognized the “Frontline Warriors” of the Mason County Health Department for their dedication and commitment to meeting the needs of the county — individuals, families and communities in administering the vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Representing the health department nurses and staff were Jennifer Thomas and Sherri Nutter. Presenting the Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Mason County CEOS is the council president, Alice Click. Also signing the certificate was the WVU Extension Agent, Lorrie Saunders Wright.

At the April 13 Mason County CEOS Council meeting, the good work of the Mason County Health Department was recognized. It was at this time the CEOS members voted to send a commendation to the Mason County Health Department for the efficient manner in which they had handled the COVID pandemic. Clinedda Austin crafted the certificate.

Mason County CEOS members observed the CEOS Week, May 17-21.

Submitted by Alice Click.