Yards of the month recognized

Tu-Endie-Wei Garden Club yards of the month for May are:

Ward 1: Leticia Lopez and Raphael Aguirre 519 Rear Main Street;

Ward 2: Gary and Karen Rose 910 Main Street;

Ward 3: Zelma Patterson 1918 Madison Avenue;

Ward 4: John and Wilma Withers 1912 Jefferson Blvd;

Ward 5: Debbie Holland 2422 Lincoln Avenue (Winner of the $25 Bob’s Market gift card given by the club)

Ward 6: Tom and Becky Epling 1001 Kenny Court;

Ward 7: Jim and Shelbadene Dawson 511 Kathnor Lane;

Ward 8: Glenn and Linda Long 3007 Meadowbrook Drive.

Business of the Month: Tom Tom’s.