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Marshall University President’s List

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall University has instituted a President’s List for undergraduate students who have a 4.0 Grade Point Average for at least 12 graded hours. The inaugural list was identified in the fall of 2019.

Local students named to the Fall 2020 President’s List included:

Marlee K. Bruner of Apple Grove; Samantha J. Saunders of Ashton; Peyton S. Hughes of Gallipolis Ferry; Mark A. Oliver of Gallipolis Ferry; Kendra L. Williams of Gallipolis Ferry; Christopher M. Grose of Glenwood; Mackenzie F. Mount of Glenwood; Sarah F. Smith of Glenwood; Chanda W. Mayes of Henderson; Zachary H. Mayes of Henderson; Savannah J. Ward of Leon; Joseph P. Daugherty of Mason; Abram X. Pauley of Mason; Paige Gerlach of New Haven; Avery M. King of New Haven;

Jayla Arnold of Point Pleasant; Delaney Bronosky of Point Pleasant; Keaton P. Burch of Point Pleasant; Monica J. Cook of Point Pleasant; Shana N. Davis of Point Pleasant; Caroline F. Foreman of Point Pleasant; Lauren M. Gritt of Point Pleasant; Grace E. Haddox of Point Pleasant; Jovone D. Johnson of Point Pleasant; Morgan R. Miller of Point Pleasant; Christopher S. Pinkerton of Point Pleasant; Carlee J. Sang of Point Pleasant; Nicholas P. Smith of Point Pleasant; Autumn P. Trent of Point Pleasant; Trenton D. Wamsley of Point Pleasant; Jonna L. Wyant of Point Pleasant; Cohen W. Yates of Point Pleasant; Jacob R. Shull of Southside;

Rachel E. Horner of Bidwell; Joshua B. Davis of Gallipolis; Karen L. Deel of Gallipolis; Jie Lu Dong of Gallipolis; Kirsten L. Hesson of Gallipolis; Marcie F. Kessinger of Gallipolis; Elisjsha D. Miller of Gallipolis; Paisley J. Smith of Gallipolis; Kaden M. Thomas of Gallipolis; Brady C. Doyle of Ironton; and Baylee P. Grueser of Racine.

Marshall University Dean’s List

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall’s traditional Dean’s List is composed of undergraduate students who have at least a 3.3 Grade Point Average for 12 graded hours.

Local students named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2020 semester included:

Ashlie N. Flory of Apple Grove; Andrew M. McComas of Apple Grove; Emilee J. Wallace of Apple Grove; Emmie M. Waugh of Apple Grove; Sydnee E. Holley of Ashton; Cole L. Poore of Ashton; Khloie M. Billings of Gallipolis Ferry; Hannah N. Blain of Gallipolis Ferry; Karson E. Bonecutter of Gallipolis Ferry; Josie D. Kinniard of Gallipolis Ferry; McKenzie D. Mayes of Gallipolis Ferry; Zoe L. Pearson of Gallipolis Ferry; Dakota J. Pruett of Gallipolis Ferry; Stephanie C. Silva of Gallipolis Ferry; Jenna M. Snyder of Gallipolis Ferry; Ryan A. Stover of Gallipolis Ferry;

Evalena M. Hart of Glenwood; Nicholas A. Parsons of Glenwood; Korah U. Runyon of Glenwood; Lauren E. Fields of Hartford; Tristan M. Pearson of Henderson; Madisyn L. Boswell of Leon; Cobie M. Bowers of Leon; Morgan J. Camp of Leon; Autumn R. Lambert of Leon; Cheyenne S. McNutt of Leon; MicKayla J. Norville of Leon; Hayley E. Russell of Leon; Khori L. Tucker of Leon; Shyanna L. Utterback of Leon; Samantha K. Whittington of Leon;

Braedon R. Bumgarner of Letart; Michaela M. Cottrill of Letart; Ethan J. Elias of Letart; Addison R. Hughes of Letart; Tanner R. King of Letart; Tammy Snyder of Letart; Jordon B. Arnold of Mason; Krista N. Clay of Mason; Kaitlyn N. Greene of Mason; Baylee P. Hoffman of Mason; Braden L. Petry of Mason; Tori E. Robinson of Mason; Zachary T. Roush of Mason; Shelby K. Gerlach of New Haven; Madeline G. Hill of New Haven; Jaelyn A. Plants of New Haven; Johannah D. Standridge of New Haven;

Victoria M. Allensworth of Point Pleasant; Lauren J. Bates of Point Pleasant; Garrett D. Boles of Point Pleasant; Andrea L. Dalton of Point Pleasant; Isaac J. Daniels of Point Pleasant; Blake A. Diddle of Point Pleasant; Seth A. Fishbaugh of Point Pleasant; Amber E. Hatfield of Point Pleasant; Ethan L. Herdman of Point Pleasant; Cameron D. Hesson of Point Pleasant; Charles B. Hill of Point Pleasant; Rylee D. Holland of Point Pleasant; Kassidy A. Jordan of Point Pleasant; Beth D. Kearns of Point Pleasant; Joseph G. Killingsworth of Point Pleasant; Alexina N. Landry of Point Pleasant; Melissa L. Lipscomb of Point Pleasant; Olivia J. Martin of Point Pleasant; Sydnee I. Moore of Point Pleasant; Erykah D. Morgan of Point Pleasant;

Lacie G. Mullins of Point Pleasant; Scott A. Perry of Point Pleasant; Heidi M. Rainey of Point Pleasant; Peyton E. Taylor of Point Pleasant; Damon J. Thompson of Point Pleasant; Ashlea E. Woomer of Point Pleasant; Douglas E. Workman of Point Pleasant; Scotty M. Wroten II of Point Pleasant; Braxton L. Yates of Point Pleasant; Samantha R. Birchfield of Southside; Amelia B. Stanley of Southside; Amy L. Jividen of West Columbia; Mark E. Kincaid of West Columbia; Rose A. Sullivan of West Columbia;

Kyla N. Grimes of Bidwell; Josie M. Jones of Bidwell; Miranda D. Bennett of Gallipolis; Jeremy R. Brumfield of Gallipolis; Garrett R. Burns of Gallipolis; Benjamin L. Cox of Gallipolis; Hanah G. Harris of Gallipolis; Olivia J. Harrison of Gallipolis; Dekota A. Metzler of Gallipolis; Brianna D. Miller of Gallipolis; Bethany H. Purdum of Gallipolis; Shawna D. Stanley of Gallipolis; Reece W. Thomas of Gallipolis; Morgan R. Watson of Gallipolis; Jenna E. Wood of Gallipolis; Mackenzie L. Martin of Patriot; Emily E. Hall of Portland; and Valerie M. Hamm of Racine.