Writers Guild resumes meetings

POINT PLEASANT — Members of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild resumed their bi-monthly meetings recently to the sounds of quacking ducks and birdsong. Due to the Coronavirus, the Mason County Library is temporarily unavailable to the Guild, so they decided to meet in the open air of Krodel Park where they could practice social distancing.

As with so many groups since the advent of the coronavirus shutdown, this was the first occasion members had seen each other in several months. The first few moments were spent playing “catch-up” before sharing their writing endeavors.

Carol Newberry introduced her new story line and asked for comments. She relayed the information that her sister, Marilyn Clarke, unable to attend the day’s meeting, has a new book published with the title, “Accused.”

William Jeffers read a page from his book, “Realms of Gavenstein: Tales of Ithladora Lionhart,” a fantasy of Medieval lore. William is also the author of “Nightly Delights,” “Nocturnus Pavor,” and “Luna Timor,” all anthologies of thrillers.

April Pyles had written a couple letters-to-the-editor during the last month. It is her belief that the value and importance of a free press cannot be over-exaggerated. Without it, the voice of truth cannot be heard amidst the “noise” of partisan propaganda and false information found in today’s society.

Patrecia Gray read her poem, “Confused,” which was selected to appear in the Summer 2020 issue of “WV Writers, Inc.” In it she laments that even as life seemingly moves on the same as it ever has in the natural world, due to the uncertainty of the times, the human world is under restraints so contrary to our nature that you’re in trouble no matter what you do.

Kris Moore added some levity to the day with her essay that asks the question: “Is your life a constant ‘comparathon’?” Do you spend too much time over-analyzing a situation to the point that other things go undone? By avoiding this tendency, you might find that your days become less challenging.

The writing assignment for next time: “What would you be if you could be whatever you want to be?”

It was agreed that unless plans change, the Writers Guild will meet at Krodel Park from noon to 2 p.m. on Aug. 19. To contact the Guild, check out our Facebook Page under “Point Pleasant Writers Guild.” The group has a blog: ppwritersguild.blogspot.com. All those interested in writing are welcome to attend the meetings.

Submitted by April Pyles