Haer Bears are looking on the bright side

On May 3, the Haer Bears 4-H Club held a virtual meeting on Zoom to get in its annual meeting. President Kenly Arbogast called the meeting to order followed by songs and pledges, devotions were dispense and the secretary and treasurer’s reports were given. Leader Lisa Arbogast gave her leader’s report. Lisa congratulated Josie Hill on receiving the Ohio Valley Bank 4-H Scholarship and Ava Riffle for winning a poster contest. As of the meeting, there were no notifications from the Youth Environmental Program for awards that the club would’ve received at North Bend State Park. Lisa also gave an update on the help and heartwarming gifts that the local nursing homes received. Mason County Extension Agent Lorrie Wright joined the meeting and stated the conditions of fairs and camps. County 4-H camp has been cancelled and so have State 4-H camps. The Mason County 4-H Pageant is still in the works for a possibility, and the possibility of fairs is up in the air.

There was no old business to report. For new business, the club has decided to continue with the activities of Adopt-a-Highway and flowerbed as well as Memorial Day activities. In order to abide by social distancing from other households, Lisa created a blank schedule for members to choose items and fill in what days to do the flower bed care and litter clean-up during the month of May. A reminder about continuing to post what you do during quarantine on the club’s Facebook Page was sent out.

Health and recycling officers gave their reports. The club decided to do a project on being aware of different plastics that can be recycled. Club members present at the meeting gave reports on what they have been doing during quarantine and for their projects of the year. The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be on a Zoom call as well to practice good social distancing.

Submitted by Josie Hill