Pleasant CEOS discuss upcoming events

POINT PLEASANT — The Pleasant CEOS club met on March 12 at the courthouse annex for their regular monthly meeting.

An Irish-themed lunch was served. President, Catherine Yauger, called the meeting to order. As usual the meeting began with the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States. A new opening exercise added was the pledge of allegiance to the West Virginia flag.

Frankie Bumgarner gave the meditation entitled ‘Whatsoever Is Lovely” based on Philippians 4:8. The minutes of the last meeting were read by secretary, Mary Sue Kincaid. The treasurer’s report was given by treasurer, Linda Craig.

The lesson for March entitled “Edible Greens” was brought by Clinedda Austin. Many examples were given of plants we can use for food that grow in yards, fields and forests and are very familiar to all of us. Ramp season is almost here. Several ramp festivals are held throughout West Virginia. The famous Greenbrier Resort uses ramps in its legendary 5 Onion Soup. Many flowers such as violets, clover, tulips, day lilies and hibiscus may also be eaten. A cautionary note, however, is that proper identification of edible plants is of utmost importance.

Sharon Nibert presented the health motivator information about Gentle Yoga. The club has several upcoming projects. One is a display in the courthouse during April which is Child Abuse and Prevention month. Fundraisers for Breast and Cervical Awareness are already being planned including “flamingoing” someone. For a fee you can surprise someone with a yard full of plastic flamingos. This was very popular last year and even more flamingos will be available this year. Another upcoming project involves famous people of West Virginia.

The annual Youth Expo will be held March 26-27 and members will be helping with that. The focus of the CEOS Youth-Expo exhibit this year is bird watching. The Youth Expo strives to get children involved in more outdoor activities. (Note: The expo has since been cancelled.)

An interesting article about “horseback librarians” was part of the Purposeful Reading report. At an upcoming workshop, the Pleasant club members will be making heart pillows to be used by patients who have had heart surgery and bibs which will be sent to orphanages in China.

The Mason County Spring Luncheon will be held April 25th. The theme is the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote. Attendees are encouraged to wear black skirts and white blouses. This was the unofficial uniform of the suffragettes. A covered bridge tour for Mason County CEOS members and guests is scheduled for May 8th.

Those attending the March meeting were Clinedda Austin, Frankie Bumgarner, Linda Craig, Donna Hart, Mary Sue Kincaid, Carolyn Litchfield, Faye Meadows, Sharon Nibert, Mary Roach, Lorrie Wright, and Catherine Yauger.

Submitted by Mary Sue Kincaid.