Taekwondo students travel to tourney

SOUTH CHARLESTON — Point Pleasant’s branch school of S.H. Kang’s Taekwondo Academy sent several participants to the 43rd U.S. Open Martial Arts Tournament in South Charleston earlier this month.

Some students were victorious and some didn’t come back with trophies. All who participated got a chance to perform in what instructors call a “nervous situation” and use skills in focusing and confidence while performing for a reward. More practice, determination and knowledge will help prepare those unsuccessful to be better able to achieve success their next opportunity, instructors said.

“This all helps hone skills needed in life, school and relationships,” Pam Siders of the academy said. “It is easy sometimes to win, but much harder to lose with grace and pride. Congratulations to all who participated; they are all winners. Everyone had a fun day and learned about themselves. Congratulations to those who placed.”

Student particpating ranged in age, with the youngest being 4 years old.