Pleasant CEOS Club discusses events

The Pleasant CEOS Club met Feb. 12 at Village Pizza Inn. The meeting was called to order by President Catherine Yauger, and she led those present in the pledge of allegiance.

A story about Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War II was the meditation brought by Mary Sue Kincaid. The minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer’s report were given and approved.

Under reports from the Educational Committees, several things were discussed. Preserving family heirlooms, supporting those helping raise their grandchildren, and assisting 4-H clubs in their recycling programs are three goals for the coming year. The backpacks for displaced children recently assembled will be delivered soon. The club members decided to undertake two projects this year. They will be making heart pillows for those undergoing heart surgery and making bibs for babies at orphanages in China.

The international student for this year is Peter Dreher Pozo from Ecuador. He will be visiting the Charleston area later this year and the Mason County CEOS clubs are hoping he will be able to visit here.

Under the educational area of the Community Educational Outreach Services, the Pleasant club will be helping with the Youth Expo which will be held March 26-27 at the National Guard Armory for all fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students in the county. Outdoor activities are always encouraged at the Expo. This year the CEOS clubs’ display will focus on bird watching.

A tentative date of May 19 has been set for this year’s Taste of Home and Plant Exchange. This event is open to the pubic. A luncheon will be served after which there will be a short program. Many different plants will be available for the taking. Though the word “exchange” used in describing the event, those attending do not have to bring a plant to exchange in order to take one home, though they may if they want.

It is time for applications to be sent in for the four $500 WVCEOS scholarships to be awarded in the state of West Virginia. One scholarship is in the field of nursing. The other three are in the human service/education field. Last year the nursing scholarship was awarded to a local young lady — Kate Henderson. Anyone interested in applying may contact the local extension office or go online.

Under the Purposeful Reading committee, members were encouraged to continue reading books, magazines and newspapers and donating books to local entities. Information was given on the free books available at the Mason County Library.

After a lunch chosen from Village Pizza Inn’s menu, Clinedda Austin brought the lesson on covered bridges in West Virginia. She displayed pictures of many of the bridges, including several which are in our area, and gave the history of some of the bridges. Each bridge has its own story. Several bridges had been moved from their original locations for one reason or another. Though the reason for covering the bridges was to protect the wooden deck from the weather, other “reasons” sprang up such as calling the bridges “kissing bridges” because they gave young couples some privacy. Some thought covering the bridges was to prevent livestock from becoming skittish as they were led across because they could see the water below. The Extension Office is considering planning a day trip to visit several of the bridges.

Sharon Nibert brought the Health Motivator lesson. It dealt with starting an exercise group.

Those attending were Clinedda Austin, Linda Craig, Donna Hart, Mary Sue Kincaid, Carolyn Litchfield, Faye Meadows, Marcia Nibert, Sharon Nibert, Mary Roach, Lorrie Wright, and Catherine Yauger.

Submitted by Mary Sue Kincaid.