County CEOS meeting held

The Mason County Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) met at the Leon Town Hall in Leon on Jan. 14 with the Leon Club serving lunch.

Helen Lyons presented the meditations on how to console someone going through a difficult time. She read a prayer written for a club.

The family, heath and volunteer hours and the continuing education committees scheduled a committee meeting for Feb. 6 to get started on the many activities to be held in 2020.

The book club will meet at the Mason County Library on April 14 t 1 p.m.

Reports were given on the 90th anniversary celebrations of the Leon and WoHeLo clubs held in November and December 2019. The Leon celebration was attended by Rick Handley, President of Mason County Commission and a representative from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, both presenting the club with a proclamation. It was also attended by Vickie Keefer who was an Extension Agent in Mason County at one time.

A tentative tour of the covered bridges of West Virginia was planned for April.

Clinedda Austin, president, recognized two new members: Mary Roach from the Pleasant Club and Sheila Driskill from the WoHeLo Club and the 2020 club presidents

Door Prizes presented by the Leon Club were won by Betty Mayes, Phyllis Hesson, Jackie Scarberry, and Lorrie Wright.

Those in attendance included Helen Lyons, Jackie Scarberry, Sue Darst, Clinedda Austin, Arminta McGraw, Betty Mayes, Margaret Gibson, Joyce Rosas, Beverly Buckle, Janelle Ervin, Natalie Morgan, Phyllis Hesson, Mary Artis, Catherine Yauger, Yvonne Fetty, Anne C. Byus, Alice Click, Patty Johnson, Jane Roush, Eleanor Hoffman,Lorrie Wright and one guest Billy King.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.