Kountry Kritters 4-H Club news

December was a busy month for the Kountry Kritters 4-H Club. Members participated in many holiday festivities.

According to a submission from Club Reporter Eden Johnson, “The first thing we did was decorate our Kountry Kritters Christmas tree. It didn’t take us very long, but it was very cold that evening. All the trees at Gunn Park this year were so beautiful. Then, we handed out hot chocolate at the Christmas Parade. The cold rain didn’t stop our town from coming together for this wonderful tradition. One of the funniest sights was seeing my Great Grandma Marcia dancing down the street dressed up like a Christmas tree in the parade. Kountry Kritters sure like their hot chocolate because we handed it out along with cookies at the farm museum. This is one of my personal favorite holiday events. The Christmas lights at the farm museum are wonderful. As you can tell, December was a fun month for our 4H group.”

Submitted by Johnson, reporter for Kountry Kritters and fifth grader at Washington Elementary.