History of White Pine School

SOUTHSIDE — For several months I have reached out on social media for histories of our Mason County One-Room Schools. Miss Catherine Yauger shared a history contributed by Irene Beard Brand who was a teacher, famous writer, pianist, a world traveler, and a Sunday School teacher. She was the wife of Rod Brand who was in the banking industry, devoted time to church and community organizations.

Catherine Yauger is from Southside and is retired from the banking industry and contributes faithfully time to her church and volunteers to the community in the Mason County CEOS, where she has served on committees as a chairperson and as a county president.

White Pine School history begins with the school being built in 1878 on a farm owned by Jabez Beard, located along Shady Fork Creek, Arbuckle District.

This property is owned by Allen and Irene Jeffers (2007).

The school officially opened with E.H.S. Whitehead, local resident, as the teacher, who taught for two terms.

Others who taught were Jonas Caufman, Jessie E. Beard, J.M. Amsberry, Darius Beard, Catherine Lewis, Margaret Beard, Grace Gibbons, Mary Banks, Margaret Beard, Eva Beard, J.F.M. Hill, Martha Day and Nellie Greenlee.

The building burned to the ground in October 1903, while Nellie Greenlee was the teacher. The new White Pine school was built in another location, along Little Sixteen Road.

“Sill” Dabney was the carpenter who built the school, who had previously built another school, Smoky Bottom, located in the Kanawha River Valley. Smokey Bottom was burned several years later.

Nellie Greenlee was the first teacher in the new school. Other teachers were Clara Musgrave, Ollie Greenlee, Martha Greenlee, Blanch Dalton, Ann Rairdin, Orga Haynes, Thelma Melton, Onley Haynes, Beulah Jordan, Helen Poffenbarger, Vivian Fadeley, Mildred Roush, Ralph Woyan, Lena McComb Bowles (for several terms), Loretta McComb, Rudolph Rogers, Elizabeth Yauger, Mae Sheets, Russell Buckle, Rachel Somerville, Marie Clark, Hazel Carder, Elizabeth Aulford, and Helen Sommer Glenn.

After classes were discontinued in the school, the building was owned by Teddy Flora.

WHITE PINE HONOR ROLL (World War II and afterward): John William Beard, U.S. Air Corp; Linzie Dowell, U.S. Army; Alvin Dowell, U.S. Army; and Paul Dowell, U.S. Army.

Sadly Russell Dowell and Romeo Parsons were killed in action in the U. S. Army.

Other members of the Honor Roll were Perry Jeffers, U.S. Navy; Herbert Whittington; Bill Whittington; Russell Parsons, U.S. Navy; Arnold “Jay” Buckle, U.S. Army; Russell Buckle, U.S. Navy; and William J. Rawson, U.S. Army. Additional soldiers were Pete League, Chester Evans Blain, and a Cadet Nurse, and Gwendolyn Mynheer.

Additions or corrections are welcome. Leon Community Education Outreach Services (CEOS) continue to reach out for histories of Mason County One-Room Schools for historical preservation. Photos are always welcome. The Leon CEOS has a photo of the Roanoke One-Room School and it continues to identify students.

Submitted by Alice Click, a Southside native, and a resident of Chestnut Ridge, Mt. Alto.