Haer Bears 4-H Club news

On Nov. 3, the Haer Bears 4-H Club members went to the Congressional Medal of Honor War Memorial in Point Pleasant, setting up red white and blue Christmas lights around the trees for the winter season.

The club met at its usual spot at Bellmead United Methodist Church to have their meeting soon afterward. President Kenly Arbogast called the meeting to order. Songs and pledges, along with devotions followed in suit and the secretary and treasurer gave their reports followed by Leader Lisa Arbogast giving her leader’s report to the members. Lisa went over the outlined calendar, duties and committee list for the members and reminding the secretary and treasurer to submit monthly statements to the Mason County Extension Office. The bylaws were accepted at this meeting due to further changes at the last meeting. New members Chloe and Izzy Sellers joined the club this year and were initiated into the club. Nominations for Outstanding Boy and Girl are still going on until March, and the achievement banquet for the previous 4-H year was on Nov 10. Deadline to pay for that meal was Friday, Nov. 8.

Old business reports on Halloween festivities, officers’ training, light set up, That’s My Pan fundraiser, blessing box update, and koozie fundraisers were given by Josie Hill, Kerstyn Clendenen, Faith Cook, Ethan and Lauren Kincaid, Kenly Arbogast, Aria Schoon, and Lily Teichman. Lisa gave updates on what is still needed to connect the lights to power at the war memorial but she said that she would provide. The club decided to make a visit to Raleigh County Solid Waste Center in Beckley, on Nov. 11. Members met at the Mason County Extension Office at 8 a.m. to get to their destination before lunch. Club members plan to collect money at Krodel Park in Point Pleasant on Nov. 29 if the date is available.

Health officer and recycling officer gave their reports followed by the Meals on Wheels project. Refreshments were dispersed and the meeting was adjourned.

Haer Bears Achievements

On Nov. 10, members from the Haer Bears 4-H Club attended an end-of-the-year dinner, Mason County 4-H Achievement Banquet, and was recognized along with other 4-Hers in Mason County for project completion and awarded based on their work in the county. Several Haer Bears members received project completion pins and a few received top county awards given to 4-Hers with high honor. The club maintained their streak in participation and earned their title as one of the Blue Ribbon Clubs. “You guys, I am so proud of you!” said Lisa, leader of the Haer Bears 4-H Club. She continued to express her gratitude to her members for achieving so much.

Landfill Education

Veterans Day, Nov. 11, was a busy day for the Haer Bears 4-H Club. Club members, along with two leaders, took a trip to the Raleigh County Solid Waste Center near Beckley, West Virginia. The tour guides at the facility asked questions about if the members knew about recycling. “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!” Members yelled as they were asked what the three r’s for management were. After looking a bit in the recycling center in the facility, members and leaders boarded a bus that took the group around the landfill, explaining how the trash and waste is buried on top of liners and gravel with pipes. Pipes would then collect the juice or liquid and store it in tanks to be filtered. The methane produced from the trash was being used by the facility to convert into electricity for around 1,000 houses.

After taking its educational trip, and being grateful for the employees that fed everyone, the club decided to make a last stop at the West Virginia Tamarack to walk around and look at the different arts and products made right here in its home state. From glass decor to fresh coffee and treats, the members took a gander at the beautiful works of art and tried a few treats as well.

Submitted by Josie Hill