Quilts ‘N Things members staying busy

Quilts ‘N Things recently met at the courthouse annex with the meeting called to order by President Mercedes Sayre. Mercedes gave a reading “Six things to know about Groundhog Day.”

Birthdays: Edda Fields, Garnet Schwartz, and Mollie Yauger. Gifts were presented.

Members Present: Karen Thomas, Mary Buck, Carolyn Litchfield, Kay Rutherford, Rhonda Mullin, Agnes Faber, Daleanna Langford, Connie Huston, Jane Coles, Betty Rickard, Irene Goff, Catherine Yauger, Garnet Schwartz, Sakine Doctor, Mercedes Sayre and Connie Curnutt.

Secretary Report: The minutes were given and approved as read by Connie Curnutt.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance was given and approved as read by Agnes Faber.

Announcements: Fons & Porter Magazine subscription paper is being passed around for all wishing to place an order. There is a $15 charge, make checks out to Quilts ‘N Things as one check will be sent for all members.

Quilting n’ Cuisine Mini Shop Hop Will be held April 8-9, in Millersburg, Ohio. Those interested will need to reserve a passport, the cost being $7 in advance and $10 the day of the event.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee: Mollie Yauger will be giving a program on “Iris Folding.” Mollie requested that members bring scissors for cutting paper, scotch tape and a roll of blue painters tape if you have it available.

Hospitality Committee: This will be the “Easter Feast” with all members bringing some of their favorite dishes.

Telephone/Welfare Committee: All needed calls and cards will be respectfully handled by members.

Scrapbook is up to date with Irene doing January and Catherine doing February.

Wedsite is done by Frankie and is up to date.

Program: Several members wanted to learn how to make pillowcases. Having many members in the guild already having the knowledge of this project made them “wonderful teachers,” according to the club reporter. This was such an “enjoyable program,” the reporter went on to say. Twenty six pillowcases were made. Daleanna took the 26 pillowcases to the Serenity House, in Pomeroy, Ohio. It was discussed that more may be put on the agenda for future endeavors.

Old Business: Jane organized a get together for the presentation of the “Quilts of Valor.” This event was well received with over fifty guests being present, according to the club reporter, who added “many interesting and exciting memories were shared.” Stories brought “both tears and laughter to all who attended,” according to the club reporter. Jane and Mary Beth Shreve were given special recognition for the event. Mary Beth is state chairman over the Quilts of Valor and gave what many felt was a heartfelt talk. Seven Quilts of Valor were presented to George Dowell, Farris Burton, Gene Hern, Leo Buck, Miles Epling, Floyd Sayre and Bill Curnutt. After reading about the work being done by Quilts of Valor, an anonymous donor was reportedly so touched she sent the guild a check, and hoped members will continue to recognize veterans. Carolyn Litchfield made a motion that members continue with the Quilts of Valor project and the motion was seconded by Kay Rutherford. Members made plans to make a trip to pick up the materials needed to start the new project.

New Business: All members are anxious to begin work on donations for the Ronald McDonald house, and the Quilts of Valor. Daleannna will be letting members know about the Serenity House. Agnes Will be speaking with a teacher at Beale Elementary to see if students might be interested in doing some coloring for a Quilt of Valor. Members have an open meeting on May 3 which may enable them to get a start on projects.

Mercedes read thank you notes from Bill Curnutt and Leo Buck for their Quilts of Valor.

Show and Tell: Karen Thomas – two pillow cases. Rhonda Mullins – two pillow cases. Daleanna Langford – 11 contribution pillow cases. Kay Rutherford – two pillow cases. Agnes Faber – three contribution blankets, two donation pillowcases, two quilts Rose Trellis and Autumn in West Virginia. Irene Goff – coloration class project. Garnet Schwartz – quilt top. Mercedes Sayre – donation quilt. Mollie Yauger – two pillow cases with Daleanna Langford.

Grace was given by Connie Huston and lunch was served.

Submitted by Club Reporter Connie Curnutt.