Point Pleasant Writers Guild makes plans

POINT PLEASANT — Members of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild met recently and discussed their plans for upcoming events. Much of the discussion centered around the month of December, during which the group will be attending the Christmas Concert of the Ohio Valley Symphony (OVS) on Dec. 7. Plans include meeting for dinner at a restaurant within walking distance of the Ariel Opera House on 2nd Avenue in Gallipolis, and then on to the theater. Lora Snow, founder and Executive Director of the OVS has promised the Guild a tour of the Ariel before the concert takes place.

Other plans include a Cookie and Card Exchange during the Dec. 4 meeting, which will be the last meeting of 2019.

Kris Moore shared an interest in attending a Writers Conference being held Nov. 16 in Parkersburg. Other members also expressed a desire to register for the event. Everyone will make their own arrangements.

Letha Jones discussed the possibility of establishing a Facebook page for the Guild to serve as a source of information about their meetings and dates to remember. It was agreed to give it a try.

In response to the writing assignment on “Anything about Thanksgiving,” Moore read her essay entitled “We Want.” She shared that many people “want” many things: more money, a larger house, a more luxurious car, better health, more time, a desire to lose weight, etc. However, some people have actual needs. They’re homeless, or jobless, or both. They may have a place to live, but no heat and not enough food. They either have no car or they have a car that needs repair. How can we, who only “want” bigger, better, brighter “everything,” complain about “anything?”

April Pyles’ essay was entitled “Libraries: One of God’s Greatest Blessings.” After describing how her love affair with libraries began at the age of nine when the Mason County Library was located in a small house on Eleventh Street and the librarian was Mrs. Burdette, she summarized with the following: “Libraries are like an oasis in a parched land, giving refreshment and restoration to the reader’s soul. The books they provide have made my life richer than I could ever have imagined.”

Marilyn Clarke shared a writing exercise that many would find challenging, to say the least: How to describe a summer sky without using colors. Somehow, she managed to find the words.

Clarke and Carol Newberry both read their descriptions of the character, Heather, that was created by those attending Sandy Tritt’s visit in August. Both members did an excellent job in ‘fleshing out’ a two-dimensional figure.

Jones read a portion of the novel she is in the process of writing. Members were asked to critique her point-of-view and other elements of the story.

In appreciation for the use of the conference room for their meetings, Guild members agreed to donate a monetary gift to the Mason County Library at their Dec. 4 meeting.

Those attended the Nov. 6 meeting included: Patrecia Gray, Joe Ingerick, Feryle Lawrence, Sue Underwood, Jones, Moore, Clarke, Carol Newberry, and Pyles.

The Point Pleasant Writers Guild meets in the Mason County Library on Viand Street. The last two meetings of 2019 will take place on Nov. 20 and Dec. 4, from 1 to 3 p.m. All writers are invited to attend.

Submitted by April Pyles.