Wohelo CEOS holds meeting

Sometimes a winter snow can be a picture postcard, and sometimes it can be a headache. In January when this area was covered with the white stuff, everyone’s daily routine gave way to the unexpected. Schools closed. Meetings were canceled or postponed, and medical appointments had to be rescheduled.

Such was the case when members of the Wohelo Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) Club were forced to cancel their January meeting due to tricky weather conditions. When February rolled around, it looked like Mother Nature was repeating herself, but the members gambled to hold their meeting one day later than scheduled, and the gamble paid off.

The Wohelo CEOS Club held their first meeting of the New Year without a hitch on Thursday, Feb. 11 at Ashton Baptist Church’s Fellowship Hall. Lunch was hosted by Judy Chapman who provided tacos and all the “fixin’s.” Other members furnished side dishes, desserts, and beverages.

The meeting was called to order at 11:55 a.m. by Club President Marie Mayes. Linda Holley led the group in pledging allegiance to the American Flag. Janelle Erwin followed with meditations from Psalm 68:19 and a poem entitled “Trust and Believe” which upheld God’s willingness and ability to solve any problem with which we are faced.

April Pyles called the roll and recorded the number of books which the members had read since their last meeting. Books totaled 65. She then read the Minutes from Nov. 11, 2015, which were accepted as read. Correspondence included the resignation letter of former Wohelo president, Joyce Rosas. Although her duties as president have ended, Joyce remains a valued member of the club.

Another vacancy suffered by the club recently was due to the death of Vice President Sallie Darst. Betty McCoy has graciously accepted the call to fill this office. The Club is indebted to both Marie and Betty for their willingness to serve out these terms for the remainder of the year.

After Janelle gave the Treasurer’s Report, April gave a brief account of January’s lesson “Household Organization” in which members were encouraged to declutter their homes and have a place for everything, with everything in its place. Judy Chapman, Lesson Leader for February, presented the lesson entitled “Homemade Cleaning Products,” the most common of which include Dawn Dish Detergent, vinegar, baking soda, and water. A recipe from the lesson called for one cup of white vinegar and one gallon of warm water to clean vinyl floors. A Wohelo member said that she uses Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide to remove laundry stains.

Health Motivator, Karen Keith, distributed lessons for January and February. “Kick Off a Healthy New Year” encouraged members to ditch leftover food by clearing the clutter from their pantry and refrigerator. “Hurry Up Spring” offered several mild exercises to bring our bodies out of hibernation mode into action mode in readiness of spring.

After making plans to host the County Council Meeting on March 8 and being reminded of several upcoming events, the meeting was adjourned at 1:07 p.m. Attendees included Marie Mayes, Betty McCoy, April Pyles, Janelle Erwin, Karen Keith, Betty Mayes, Judy Chapman, Linda Holley, Beverly Buckle, Emma Long, Patricia Flora, and guest, Jason Mayes.

Submitted by Club Reporter April Pyles.