Pleasant CEOS Club meets

The Pleasant Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) recently met at the home of Catherine Yauger on Sept. 12.

After lunch, the meeting was called to order by the Vice President Carolyn Litchfield with a quote, “Aim for perfectly fine, instead of perfect.”

She also read the CEOS Club Collect and asked to group to give the salute to the United States flag.

Mary Sue Kincaid presented the meditation by passing out a sheet to each attendee with the meditations typed to be taken home. One section was “Rules for Daily Life” and the other was “Emergency Phone Numbers,” which listed various conditions that we all face from time to time and the chapter of the Bible that would help with that need.

Kincaid presented the lesson entitled “Granny Ladies: A History of Traditional Healing in Appalachia” written by David Roberts, West Virginia University (WVU) extension agent in Boone and Lincoln counties, and Stephanie Lusk, WVU extension agent in Wyoming County. The steep hills and thick vegetation in the mountains of Appalachia have long been regarded as a barrier. Standard health practices and access to a doctor were often limited because of the remoteness of the terrain. As a result, women in the area were often providing care in mountain communities. The lesson covered herbal remedies, mystical techniques and childbirth. Kincaid had done some additional research and presented information about Frontier Nursing Service, founded by Mary Breckinridge. This organization provided medical services to remote areas of southeastern Kentucky. The lesson sparked a lot of interest and members told about healing remedies passed down through their own families.

Sharon Nibert presented the Health Motivator lesson entitled “Fermented Foods” written by Zona Hutson, WVU extension agent in Doddridge County.

Some members brought items for the backpack program sponsored by the club.

Kincaid, Purposeful Reading chairperson, reported that for the annual reporting period members of the Pleasant Club had donated 246 books and read 216. The three top readers who received awards were: Koneda Devrick, 37; Carolyn Litchfield, 32; and Linda Craig, 30.

The next meeting date was changed to Oct. 3 at noon.

Those who attended the meeting included Linda Craig, Frankie Bumgarner, Carolyn Litchfield, Sharon Nibert, Marcia Nibert, Koneda Devrick, Mary Sue Kincaid, Lorrie Wright and the hostess, Catherine Yauger.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.