Avalanche CEOS news

Avalanche CEOS members found a day between snow storms to meet for their regular January meeting on Jan. 28 at the This and That Restaurant in New Haven for what members say was a great lunch before moving to the New Haven Library for their meeting.

This meeting marked the first occasion for the club’s new President Patty Johnson to preside over a meeting, taking the reins from former President Marge Blake.

The new president brought lots of information for new projects the county CEOS members will be participating in concerning “heart health.” A committee was appointed for Avalanche Club to bring new ideas to the member on this subject. The committee will be comprised of three members, Jane Roush, Audrey Clarke and Bettie Roush.

There was discussion on the proposed budget for 2016 and one fund raiser the club members particularly liked is the club auction at meetings. Members bring in unneeded items from home and auction them off to the other members with the club receiving the proceeds. It is an easy and fun way to not only clean out these items from their homes but to also raise money for the club at the same time.

The club’s Health Motivator, Helen Smithson gave an interesting talk on cleaning out our leftover Christmas Cookies and treats and replacing them with heart health fresh foods, lean meats and whole grains. After her talk Helen led the group in some light exercise, “light exercise” being relative to each person’s level of fitness.

Future craft workshops to make fidget quilts was discussed along with the information that Avalanche Club would host the fall achievement luncheon and that everyone should be thinking of themes, caterers and all the things that go with being hosts of these events.

Everyone was reminded to bring pill bottle for the Malawi Project and pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House.

There were 120 books and at least 21 newspapers read by club members for the months of December and January. The book club selection for February is “Chickens in the Road” by Susanne McMinn.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m. and was attended by Patty Johnson, Marge Blake, Marilyn Clarke, Jane Roush, Bettie Roush, Florence (Sis) Leach, Karen Randolph, Catherine Wandling, Anne Byus, Yvonne Fetty, Helen Smithson, Audrey Clarke and Regina Goodnite.

Submitted by Club Member Marilyn Clarke.