Camp Conley CEOS news

For the August meeting of the Camp Conley CEOS Club, nine members and a guest traveled “Down on the Farm” to the Bob Evans Restaurant in Rio Grande. The president, Mary Artis, welcomed everyone as this was the first time we had all been together for quite some time.

After ordering meals, a short business meeting was held. Artis thanked everyone for their help on different projects since she assumed the office of president. She updated members on the last few meeting. No meeting was held in June due to illnesses and surgeries of members. A club outing was also postponed. During the July meeting, it was voted to keep the same officers for the 2020 club year. The treasurer collected dues. It was also noted that our club is in charge of the Holiday Workshop and we need to bring ideas to the September meeting. Phyllis Hesson gave the blessing for the meal.

After dinner, Darlene Haer presented the lesson entitled “Granny Ladies: A History of Traditional Healing in Appalachia.” Because of the remoteness of the terrain, standard health practices and access to a doctor were often limited. As a result, Granny women were highly esteemed members of the community who were consulted for everything from wart removal to childbirth. They used local flora and even dabbled in what many believed to be mysticism or occult practices to provide care. Isabella Brown Neal, a notable granny midwife in Clay County, delivered over 3,000 babies in her 40 years of work. Haer talked about various ways her Mother, Garnet Schwarz, had used or heard to use for colds, sore throats and other illnesses. Several other members told of cures that they had also heard used by family members.

Those attending were Mary Artis, Mary Boggess, Becky Haer, Darlene Haer, Phyllis Hesson, Jeanette McDaniel, Molly Miller, Isabelle Yoder, Diane Mollohan and her daughter Hannah.

Submitted by Club Member Darlene Haer.