Blain Family Reunion held

The 116th Blain Family Reunion was held on Aug. 11 at Larry Blain’s picnic shelter in Gallipolis Ferry.

A potluck dinner was served at 1 p.m. with Howard Blain giving the blessing. There were 55 people in attendance. The children enjoyed hula hoops, squirt guns and just playing with friends and cousins from near and far.

Those in attendance were: Dianna Blain; Mishael Riffle; Homer, Gavin and Aiden Riffle; Violet and Laverne Blain; Hildreth Blain Polston; Aaron Polston; Gary S. Blaine; Gary T. Blaine II; Conor Blain; Charlotte and Greg Blain; Junior and JoAnn Chaney; Kevin Blain; Jimmy Blain; Shelly Edmonds; Myria Blain; Chris and Layton Barton; Tracie and Dave Patrick; Cassie, Justin, Josie, and Liam Beckner; Billy Beckner; Doug, Nina, Noah and Abraham Blain; Gerry and Cindy McAllister; Jeff Blain; Mark, Vicki and Dorothy Mohr; Howard, Terri and Benjamin Blain; Kelsie Closson; Kevin Blain; Betty Bower; Deborah Gullet; Dave and Helen Gullett; Abigail and Emma Gullet; Nick Gullet; Mandi Rose and Denali Willow Rose; John Caudill and Ada Grace Dodd.

Prizes were given to the youngest boy, Layton Edward Barton who was born on Feb. 19 in Athens, Ohio; the youngest girl, Denali Willow Rose who was born on March 4 in Lewisville, N.C.; oldest man, John Caudill; oldest woman, Dorothy “Pat” Mohr; traveled the farthest, Ben Blain; and the door prize winner, Myria Blain.

A good time was had by all who attended and the Blain family hopes to be able to meet again next year, same time and same place.

Submitted by Dianna Blain.