Roush Family Reunion held

The 91st Roush/Rausch Family Reunion took place Aug. 2-3 in Gatlinburg, Tenn. with approximately 170 people in attendance. There were 18 states represented. Jerry Roush, president of the Association, lives in Quincy, Ill. and presided over the reunion.

The banquet on Friday night was held at the Edgewater Hotel where the bubbling creek ran at the hotel’s edge. Fred Pomeroy, Los Lunas, N.M. opened with an invocation. Mark Snyder, a member of the Smokey Mountain Historical Society, was the speaker. People then enjoyed the rest of the evening visiting with relatives. Items that were to be in the Saturday morning auction were displayed.

Bud Jackson, veteran auctioneer, launched the auction on Saturday. There was a variety of items and overflow of laughter as the talented auctioneer led the event to a new record of $5,358. One item, a quilt made from Roush/Rausch tee-shirts brought $370. The item was created by Sherry Petersen, a grateful mother, whose two sons have received $1,000 scholarships from the Association in the past.

Following the auction, a delicious picnic lunch was laid out in the dining hall for the families to enjoy.

After the meal, everyone gathered for the annual picture. Last year when the reunion was held in Marysville, Ohio, heartland of Roushes, there were 400 participants and the picture was taken on the outdoor lawn.

In the afternoon, the annual business meeting was held. President Jerry Roush introduced the officers appointed by the Board of Directors. They were Jerry Roush, president; Michael D. Roush, vice president; Michael G. Roush, treasurer; Diana Gamble, secretary; Keith Ashley, historian and statutory agent; Mary Lee Marchi, Lisa Standley, and Rebecca DeCoy, historians.

Michael G. Roush thanked Sheldon F. Roush for his 27 years serving as treasurer, following his father Donald F. Roush of New Haven, who had served for 25 years before him. Sheldon F. Roush received a standing ovation.

Michael D. Roush, scholarship chairman, announced the three scholarship winners who will each receive $1,000. For more information one can contact him at Parsons Hill Rd., Stafford, N.H., 603-629-6913.

The meeting concluded with the singing of the song “Homeland of the Roushes” led by Sandra Roush Pomeroy and Sheldon Roush.

Next year’s reunion will be held in one of the New England states, Vermont or New Hampshire.

Submitted by Sandra Roush Pomeroy.