Bauer Family Reunion held

The annual reunion of family and friends of Vallie and Lizzie (Durst) Bauer was held July 28 in the dining hall of the West Virginia State Farm Museum. Darlene Haer, secretary, welcomed everyone and gave the blessing for the meal served at 12:15 p.m.

After dinner, everyone gathered near the stage for a group picture taken by Dr. Tayengco. He also took a picture of the first cousins and the remaining children of Vallie and Lizzie Bauer who are Garnet (Bauer) Schwarz, Wayne Bauer, and Mack Bauer. Those attending for the first time were introduced and everyone paused to remember Roberta (Bauer) McDade Coleman who passed away on Dec. 3, 2018. She was the daughter of the late Sidney and Louise Bauer. A drawing of door prizes for children and adults was conducted. Included in the prizes were two wreaths made by Garnet Schwarz and a frog outdoor ornament made by Ed Bauer. A collection was also taken to pay the reunion expenses. Passed out to each person present was a ball point pen and tote bag imprinted with ”Bauer Family Reunion 2019.” The 2020 reunion is planned for the third Sunday, July 19 at the same place. Also, many of the family visited the Christopher Bauer Memorial Wildlife Museum. Before going home, many flavors of homemade ice cream, provided by Mack Bauer, were enjoyed by the Bauer family and friends.

The reunion had 90 people attend from far and near including Kourtney Bordman of Winston Salem, N.C.; Ed Bauer of Aberdeen, N.C.; Doug and Sharon Pafford of Moneta, Va.; Vallie and Iris Bauer of Marengo, Ohio; George and Mary Smoulder and Wendy, Cooper, and Audra Shaw of Hillard, Ohio; Wayne Bauer of Proctorville, Ohio; Sam and Pebbles Bauer of Rutland, Ohio; Lou and Jane Costanzo of Dallas; Tim and Francine Bauer and Brian, Heather, Kennedy, and Corinne Lee, Brody Johnson, and Patsy Gabbert of Parkersburg; Jim and Connie Bauer and Aizelyn Stroehinan of Mineral Wells; John, Teresa, and Ben Haer andCharles W. and Rose Chapman, Charlie and Kayla Chapman and Lilly Muncy of Huntington; Nathan and Amanda Spencer of Dunbar; Libby Casto of Scott Depot; Robin Magill, Dwayne, Peyton, Riley, and Emily Wines, Michael, Kelci, Bryana, and Dixie Eads of Sissonville; Sidney Earl Bauer Jr. and Sidney E. Bauer III of Letart; Darrell and Mary Ann Herdman, D. W, Vickie, David, Joe and Jazmine Herdman, Kourtney, Kianna and Kyleigh Selly, Charles McDade, Jenny McDade, Paula Jeffers, Janet, Parker and Hannah Magill and Matt Richmond of Leon; and Paula Gregory and Woody Moore of Mason.

Attending from Point Pleasant were Garnet (Bauer) Schwarz, Mack Bauer, Jeannie and Terry Sayre, Darlene Haer, Becky Haer, Manford L., Joshua, Braxton and Ethan Bauer, Roslyn, Jenna and Trenton Bright, Jason Hughes, Winter Dillard, Darrell Leffingwell, Renea, Gracyn, Jensen and Brian Gay and John and Debbie Endicott.

Submitted by Darlene Haer.