Leon CEOS Club update

The Leon CEOS members recently met for the purpose of 2019-20 re-organization.

The Leon CEOS was known formerly as the Leon Farm Women’s Club then the WVU Extension Homemakers until the name was changed statewide to West Virginia Community Education (and) Outreach Service. The Leon group was organized in December of 1929 and has contributed to the county, community and state for all of these years. Both women and men are part of the CEOS.

New members are welcome and the Leon CEOS meets the third Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. The place of meeting varies with luncheons at restaurants, members homes and the Leon Town Hall. A notice will be included in the Point Pleasant Register on future meetings.

The primary purpose of the CEOS program is to improve the quality of the citizens’ lives in the county and state and to the individuals.

The 2018 year participated as a club and county organization in educational events, fundraisers (including yard sales and walks) for the benefit of breast cancer research, newsletters, gift wrapping at Lakin hospitals, an international student from Thailand, a self defense technique lesson for Seniors, annual quilt shows, Mason County youth events, craft workshops, tourism events, contributions to the Leon Elementary School for achievement awards, and displays at the Mason County Fair.

The Leon CEOS has volunteered as greeters for tourism as the big boats visit the area.

There were members who attended conferences at Jackson’s Mill and other regional meetings during the past years. Information is then shared with all members.

Members have been part of the continuing education and purposeful county reading committee. Evalee Mckinley was a special contributor to this committee. Helen Lyons has become now the chairperson and with Natalie Morgan being a part of this committee.

Family, health, and volunteer hours are a valuable part of the organization. Jackie Scarberry represents Leon CEOS in this committee.

Individual contributions on behalf of the Leon CEOS were made to the Men’s Recovery group, food and toy drives and to the Mason County Homeless Shelter as well as volunteer time for Bible schools.

When a member of the Leon CEOS as well as her family suffered the loss of their home in a house fire, fellow members in the community and county extended help and support as they recovered from their loss.

Lyons and Theresa Keefer volunteered many hours to the county craft show that benefited many individuals throughout the region.

Many will remember the valuable contribution of the late Mrs. Stella Morgan along with her husband Jerry who visited schools in the tri-state sharing the history of coal mining in the area.

Future projects will be announced and an invitation to become part of the CEOS is extended throughout the county.

If there are those in Leon who have information and photographs on the original Leon Farm Women’s Club, the information can be sent to Alice Click, 2875 Chestnut Ridge, Mt. Alto, WV 25264.

Submitted by Alice Click.