Pleasant CEOS club meets

The Pleasant Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) recently met at the home of Donna Hart on May 9. Hart served lunch at the beginning of the meeting.

Carolyn Litchfield, vice president, called the meeting to order by asking members to give the salute to the United States flag. Litchfield read the “Club Collect” and the West Virginia State Creed.

Mary Sue Kincaid sent meditations entitled “Rules for Daily Life” which were read by Catherine Yauger.

Yauger presented the lesson entitled “More Than a Market Basket” written by Cheryl Kaczor, WVU extension agent in Marshall County, and Terri McGuire, WVU extension program assistant in Marshall County. Basket weaving is one of the oldest crafts. Some of the oldest baskets that have been found date back 10,000-12,000 years ago from upper Egypt. The lesson listed the materials and tools needed to make baskets and instructions. The lesson leader had on display baskets made by the late Melvin Duncan and Kenneth Birchfield. Koneda Devrick showed a basket she had made and gave the group several pointers on making baskets.

Sharon Nibert presented the health motivator lesson entitled “Clean Eating” written by Gwen Crum, WVU extension agent in Wood County. The lesson listed foods under three categories: “Slow!”, “Go!”, and “Whoa!” Foods listed under “Slow!” are unhealthy and should be saved for special occasions. Foods under “Whoa!” are foods that are healthy, but high in fat and calories or low in calories and nutrients and should be limited. “Go!” foods can be eaten anytime, such as fruits and vegetables.

Plans were made for the Pleasant Club to host the May CEOS County Council on May 14 and to have charge of activities at the Pleasant Valley Nursing/Rehab Center on May 13.

Plans were made to celebrate CEOS Week from May 19-25. The club will attend church as a group at the Bellemeade United Methodist Church on May 19 at 6:30 p.m.

The June meeting will be held on June 13 at noon at the Mexican Restaurant on Main Street in Point Pleasant.

Those who attended the meeting were Linda Craig, Carolyn Litchfied, Koneda Devrick, Catherine Yauger, Sharon Nibert, Brenda Schultz, Faye Meadows, Clinedda Austin and the hostess Donna Hart.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.