Camp Conley CEOS meets

Members of the Camp Conley CEOS Club have been busy the past few months attending meetings and working on club and county activities.

Members provided soups, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks for the January county council meeting held at the Courthouse Annex with five members attending. Leftover food was taken to the homeless shelter. Darlene Haer served as hostess for the January club meeting which was presided over by the new Club President Mary Artis. After the normal business meeting, Artis gave the lesson “Keep Your Motor Running: Basic Car Maintenance.” Since most of the members are responsible for the upkeep of their vehicles, she gave us tips to keep our cars running smoothly and emergency safety tips.

Artis served as hostess for the February meeting. During the business meeting, club members voted to continue the subscription for “Country Woman” for the Point Pleasant branch of the Mason County Library. Artis attended the Charleston area planning meeting on Feb. 4 at the Putnam County Library. The Marketing & Membership Committee met to plan the plant exchange for May. Becky Haer presented the lesson “West Virginia State Folk Festival and the History of the County Belle.” Becky has attended the festival for many years where she calls square dancing and enjoys the many activities of the festival. Camp Conley has had the following members represent Mason County: Betty Heib 2001, Sally Smith 2008, Phyllis Hesson 2011, Darlene 2012, and Molly Miller 2013. Darlene and Hesson shared some of their scrapbooks and experiences when they attended the folk festival.

Our March meeting was held at the home of Hesson. Plans were made to attend the spring luncheon on April 6. Club members will assist with the memorial service held during this meeting.

The Youth Expo was held at the National Guard Armory on April 16-17. The club members will man the booth the morning of the 17. The plant exchange and Taste of CEOS will be held May 21 at Faith Gospel Church in Gallipolis Ferry. The club members are to bring breads. The members voted to donate bags, toothbrushes, and toothpaste for the “Backpack Program” at Roosevelt Elementary School. Hesson presented the lesson for the month entitled “Monarch Butterflies.” She explained the migratory patterns and life cycle of the monarch. Scientists believe monarch butterfly populations have fallen by approximately 90 percent in the last two decades. One reason for the decline is a decrease in milkweed plants along the migratory path and vanishing from the landscape and with it go the only places for monarchs to lay their eggs.

The April meeting was held at the First Church of God with Isabelle Yoder serving as hostess. Plans were made by the members naming the type of bread they will bring to the Plant Exchange and Taste of CEOS to be held May 21 at Faith Gospel Church in Gallipolis Ferry. Becky and Hesson conducted the memorial service held April 6 during the 2019 Mason County CEOS spring meeting held at the St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Haven. Books were purchased by the county and placed in their library in memory of Agnes Wandling, Stella Morgan, and Marilyn Higginbotham. Becky presented the lesson “Apple Cider Vinegar Myths and Facts.” Vinegar is one of nature’s great gifts, a true natural product. She talked about the side effects, risks and myths, healthy ways to ingest apple cider vinegar, and ways to use apple cider vinegar. Most people consume it in salad dressings or sauces. The lesson provided a recipe for a tasty salad dressing.

The members who attended the various meetings and activities were Mary Artis, Becky Haer, Darlene Haer, Phyllis Hesson, Jeannette McDaniel, and Isabelle Yoder.

Submitted by Darlene Haer.