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Quilts ‘N Things met Tuesday, Dec. 1 at the First Church of God. The meeting was called to order by President Mercedes Sayre. Sayre gave a reading “Is Santa Claus Real.”Connie Huston gave a reading “A Politically Correct Christmas Poem.”

Birthdays: The only birthday we have this month is Jesus Christ, unless we’ve missed someone.

Members Present: Mercedes Sayre, Connie Huston, Connie Curnutt, Frankie Bumgarner, Patty Roush, Catherine Yauger, Betty Farmer, Lucy Cullen, Agnes Faber, Rhonda Mullins, Marie Dulaney, Daleanna Langford, Karen Thomas, Garnet Schwartz, Carolyn Litchfield, Irene Goff, and Edda Fields.

Secretary Report: was read and approved.

Treasures Report: There was no report for this month.

Announcements: Catherine thanked all the members for her get well card. Mercedes took seven quilts to the Ronald McDonald house in Charleston. One of the special projects for 2016 will continue to be donation quilts for the Ronald McDonald house. The donation quilts are very much appreciated. There will be a day chosen and scheduled for special projects in 2016. Mercedes thanked Agnes for her scheduling of the coloration class which was held in November and enjoyed by many members. Mercedes reminded members if there is no school there is no meeting, if school is delayed the meeting will be held. A workshop for special projects will be held in February or March. Mercedes informed the members of Kay Rutherford father passing, the gentleman was 97 and resided in Texas.

Committee Reports:

Program Committee: It was decided that one of the programs for the guild would be selecting a book from the library, in January, picking a pattern from that book and making the pattern that was chosen. The time for the pattern to be finished will be November 2016. Members will have a choice as to what they make with their pattern of choice.

Program Committee: Mollie Yauger, Jane Coles, Agnes Faber, Kay Rutherford, Rhonda Mullins and Daleanna Langford.

Hospitality Committee: Connie Curnutt, Frankie Bumgarner, Lucy Cullen,Betty Rickard and Connie Huston.

Telephone/Welfare Committee: Cheri Burton, Kay Thomas, Marie Dulaney, and Garnet Schwartz.

Special Projects: Becky Brown.

Yearbook: Carolyn Litchfield.

Scrapbook: Irene Goff and Catherine Yauger.

Librarian: Daleanna Langford.

Website: Frankie Bumgarner.

Old Business: Remember to pick up quilts at the library.

New Business: Quilt Stories were told by several members. The stories were fond memories of the story tellers. Still have time to sign up, on a committee. Please inform Carolyn of any address change, telephone or e-mail.

Two new officers were installed: Catherine Yauger as Vice President, Agnes Faber as Treasuer.

Show and Tell:

Agnes Faber – Christmas quilt blocks from Old and New Quilters Gallipolis Group. Lucy Cullen – Quilt block and mitten. Marie Dulaney – OS/Reds Quilt—-OS/Indians Quilt, Space Race Quilt. Daleanna Langford – Chicken Scratch done on a towel. Carolyn Litchfield – White Felt tree skirt and Shelfliner made many years ago. Catherine Yauger – Brought a Butterfly Quilt made for donation by Peggy Harbrecth.

Grace was given by Mercedes, after which the members held their Christmas party.

Submitted by Mercedes Sayre.

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