Pleasant CEOS meets

The Pleasant Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) recently met at the Two Waters Restaurant in Point Pleasant for lunch on Nov. 8.

Meditations were prepared by Mary Sue Kincaid and were presented by Catherine Yauger. She also read the first and second place poems in the 2018 W.Va. CEOS poetry contest and the third place short story.

Sharon Nibert presented the health motivator lesson entitled “Kidney, Your Body’s Filter” written by Dana Wright, WVU Extension Agent in Logan County. The article explained human’s kidneys filter 120 to 150 quarts of blood daily. Kidneys prevent build-up of wastes and extra fluid, stabilize sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes and make hormones to regulate blood pressure. They also make red blood cells and keep bones strong.

Plans were made for activities at the Pleasant Valley Nursing/Rehab Center and the Homemade Holiday Treasures Craft Show on Nov. 17. The club also plans to participate in the Mason County Family Resource Network (FRN) Christmas scheduled for December.

Monetary donations were made to Lakin Hospital and the Point Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department.

Those who attended the meeting were Catherine Yauger, Linda Craig, Donna Hart, Brenda Schultz, Sharon Nibert, Marcia Nibert, Carolyn Litchfield, and one guest, Mary McKisic.

Submitted by Catherine Yauger.